The bag I ordered came yesterday?

  1. Well...after seeing the drilldown pics, I was so excited that I went into my Coach Boutique and ordered this bag!:heart:

  2. At around 9:30am the doorbell rang.....
  3. My hubby says, "It's Fedex...I think your bag is here!" :yahoo:
  4. I was soooo excited!! So...I rushed out of the shower and went to get the box.
  5. Instead of opening the box right away...I got my camera!! I wanted to open it with all of you!!:yes:
    Legacy Denim Reveal...OOPS! 002.jpg
  6. Opening..........:yes:
    Legacy Denim Reveal...OOPS! 003.jpg Legacy Denim Reveal...OOPS! 005.jpg
  7. Yay!!...Huh?....
    Legacy Denim Reveal...OOPS! 006.jpg Legacy Denim Reveal...OOPS! 007.jpg
  8. :roflmfao:Ha ha ha ha ha!!:roflmfao: So I'm taking you don't like the new legacy bag? Gorgeous Carly. LOVE the gold/bronze trim. Or did you get the wrong one? Or am I just really confused??!:confused1:
  9. It's a Gorgeous Carly!! But...........It's not my Legacy Signature Resort Shoulder Bag.

  10. Too funny! I was hoping you didn't get the bag first pictured. The Carly is much better! Good choice!
  11. Yes...I brought it back and they said they would have the correct one overnighted!

    The Carly is quite lovely though! It was nice and big too!!:girlsigh:
  12. ahhh.. that makes more sense. I thought you were playing a trick on us. That's not fair! I was kinda excited to see what this purse looked like in real life.
  13. Bring back the Carly to the store and complain that you were sent the wrong bag. They should overnight the right bag to you for free. The khaki/bronze is beautiful though!
  14. I just don't do Carly well.
  15. I did...and you will see it!!:tup: