The bag I fell in love with at Mario's today

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  1. This, except in glorious black. $2100 on (Mario's had it for $2200?).

    Soft shiny goatskin leather. Zipper pocket divider in the center of the bag. Ugh so pretty. wahh!!!!

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  2. Jane, don't cry.... you can get a mini version :P:yahoo:

    My SA Bryan just emailed me pix of lovely bright colored pleated coin purses.

    These little darlings are begging for good homes....

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    Sorry, i don't know how to make the pictures big in the initial post....:cursing:


    These cuties are $410
  4. The bag is gorgeous, as are the coin purses! But they're so expensive! :Push:
  5. This style intrigues me. I haven't seen it IRL yet. For some reason it doesn't look soft--the wavy stitching looks like it may be rigid, but you found it to be soft goatskin. I hope I have the chance to hold one soon! It's not in the budget, though:sad:.
  6. jelts, the prices of things is crazy, no? i guess that is what they call inflation - afterall i cannot remember the last time i had a 8 -10% raise (when i was working) and many luxury brands are increasing prices at that rate as a matter of course. one i love even did it twice this year. i am going to have to go to work again to justify affording anything :crybaby:AND people keep buying, so no reason for brands to be "reasonable"

    boxermom, I have seen the shorter version of these (eclipse and turbolence) bags IRL. they beautiful as you might imagine. the bags themselves were structured - e.g., none of the slouchiness of the venetas. to my mind the leather is not as tough feeling as the cabat, if you can use a word like touch with BV, but it is true, not pillow soft like the veneta weave.

  7. It is calling your name!!! It was a great shape and size for you. I love that bag.
  8. I want it, but it's gonna have to wait. I've already spent way too much on bags and clothes and shoes in the past month (no regrets over any of them though).

    So I will just hold out til October. I'm sure they will still be around and a certain SA in Chicago will be able to track one down for me :biggrin:
  9. And thank god BV only does one price increase a year and we always know it happens in early summer. So I can count on that price remaining the same for a good long while.... :yes:
  10. I saw the shorter version in turbulence and it was :heart:.
    It is a stiffer bag - but I wonder, since it's goatskin, whether it will soften up some. It is such a chic bag! It's on my list too!
  11. I think I can do it in six weeks. If I am still in love by then, definitely. Maybe even four weeks, depending on how much of my savings I want to blow :smile:. The no sales tax thing will be a huge help.

    And oh! it will be just in time for Fall, and I can rock it with my new black LV Suhali zippy wallet! OMG!

    Incredibly, I don't have a structured black bag in my collection. I have only one black bag at all -- a suede Jimmy Choo. So this would really round it out. And it's just sooooo pretty!!

    thanks to you all for supporting me through this difficult time. lol
  12. That sounds like a workable plan... it was gorgeous and I do hope you are able to get it! And saving the sales tax is definitely a good way to go!
  13. Jane, sending lots of good wishes for your savings to grow fast! i LOVE that style tall basket bag...... i wish you ladies had taken pictures of the things you tried on during the seattle meet! it is so great to see action shots and we haven't had any in a while.
  14. That one in black must be gorgy, jane!! Wishing you the speedy saving!!:biggrin:

    You know, I was at the NYC today on my own (on the way to another PF meet) and really wished you and all the BV PFers were there. It must be so much fun!!!
  15. come to the west side! (i mean beverly hills, not west side nyc) we will hang out and eat cupcakes!