The bag I broke my ban for is here.

  1. I love her. She is so soft, feels like velvet. And I love the gold trim. I never really liked gold, but this is just the right amount. I had to get some detail shots of her too :biggrin:

    And some modeling shots, she really is big!!!
  2. That. is. GORGEOUS! I can practically feel that leather. Congrats!!
  3. CONGRATS AND ENJOY! :heart:
  4. I am IN LOVE w/ this bag!!!! What's it called? I'd like to go search for one on eBay! Congrats!

    Edit: Nevermind I found it in your, I found the same thing on eBay for $500! Little outta my price range :sad:
  5. Very NICE!!!!!!! Enjoy!!

  6. It is the large Soho Vachetta Satchel. #10614. It retailed for $798.00 but I got it used for $150 + Shipping. They do pop up once in a while to bid on, and there are a few for buy it now, but they are over $500. but they have the tags still attached. :biggrin:

    Oh and I should mention, I am about 5'7" not skinny :biggrin: and it is big for me :biggrin: But I love it
  7. I've wanted this bag in camel for so long! Congrats! But I can't help but laugh at your signature:

  8. :wtf:

    What an amazing deal...I can't believe you got an $800 bag for $ lucky lucky girl. It is gorgeous, congrats again!

  9. Haha yeah I ordered it when it said i was on a ban, then I had to change it to say no matter how good a deal it may be. I am not buying any more bags until my husband ok's it, which should not be long, he is bound to want something soon :biggrin:

  10. You know whats funny, I have been searching for this bag for a while, I love vachetta and the patina it develops. I was browsing through ending soon auctions and caught this with 5 minutes left. There were no bids on it, but there was another one ending 2 hours later that was bid up to 230. The seller of this one had none of the key words I was searching for, just said authentic coach bag, that was it
  11. I love this! Congrats! Totally worth breaking a ban for!
  12. I love this bag! Congrats!! It looks fab!!

    I almost bought one too. They have these at Off 5th Saks and also Nordstrom Rack, for those of you that are interested and don't find one on Ebay!
  13. I just saw one listed last week the starting price was 150 and it was new.
  14. wow what a great deal for a beautiful bag!! and you wear her beautifully!! Congrats :biggrin:
  15. I think that may be the one that went for $230 or so. There is one buy it now for $500 something now, but it was a final sale, so Coach won't repair it if it gets damaged.