The Bag Hunter

  1. Anyone know what happened to the Bag Hunter, formerly Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area, but for those that don't know, this is/was a great resource for hard-to-find Balenciaga colors.
  2. She is a Pfer and I think she may be in the process of moving so maybe she took down her website?

    Maybe the mods can move this to the bbag subforum and you can get a better answer but that is what I suspect is the case.
  3. she's a PFers, and decided to quit the bag hunter things because the balenciaga forum has a sub-forum called Achtung-balenciaga, so she feels that teh achtung is better because now there's more PFers can participate in eyeing authentic balenciaga in ebay :P
  4. Cool, thanks for the info!