The Bag Forum=The Purse Forum

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  1. I dunno where else to ask this silly question, maybe someone has asked- but I saw The Bag Forum - very similar to this one and is it linked to TPF?
  2. -have wondered the same thing myself. Perhaps someone else can tell us...
  3. The PurseBlog is associated with The PurseForum!
  4. yeah, but if you go to- xxx, you will see a site that seems similar to this, (though IMO not as professional) in layout, style etc etc, but it seems to be a completely different entity. I have never got so far as to read anything on it. I arrived at it once by mistake when I was looking for tPF after not having visited for a while- though realised quickly that it wasn't tPF. I did wonder at the time if there was a connection?
  5. No connection... I find it odd that they supposedly have over 5000 members and yet there were only 8 members active when I looked. Talk about a dead forum!
  6. I just read one thread and the info they gave was so wrong. Glad I found this site instead.
  7. no, they're a copycat website, everything there is smoke and mirrors, even has posts from our members who've never been there.
  8. Yikes! Not cool......:tdown:
  9. so not cool! fakers
  10. Omg I've seen that site too and thought it was so so wierd. Not only is it a complete copy cat it was like a ghost site, empty as heck. I wonder if TPF can do anything about it, there's something really shady about them stealing posts.
  11. man alive- that's not on :wtf:
  12. That's awful. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Ok, now i know. The site was so identical!
  14. It's very similiar, but nothing compares to the real thing!
  15. Wow, that's just a bit creepy..
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