THE bag for laptops

  1. the tokidoki website people must read this board. After two posts asking if the campeggio and the scuola could be used as laptop bags, the official tokidoki website says that the TRENINO is the PERFECT laptop bag! check it out! haha
  2. Trenino, IMO, wouldn't be the perfect laptop bag, because I think it' a big too big so there would be lots of room. I'd want one just for travelling though. xD
  3. haha yeah. i have a trenino myself. its way too big for my laptop. i use it as a travel bag.

  4. hahahaha i know eh?
    i was the one who asked both those questions.. but i ended up getting a campeggio, because the scuola was too small, and the trenino is TOO big =(
  5. haha yeah the trenino is a bit big for just a laptop. It's a travel bag for sure. I mean with the extra room, I'm sure it's not ENTIRELY for the accessories.

    That would be nice if tokidoki had laptop only bag with meshs for the cords and such(or well just a thinner version of the trenino). Although the bags are more multi-purpose than a single one.
  6. The Trenino would be the perfect laptop bag if you tend to carry around a pillow with your laptop... otherwise I agree that it's way too big. :p
  7. The Trenino is fine as a laptop and a carry on luggage for me though. Roomy but I like it that way cos I carry tons of peripherals, yet not being overly roomy. I like it as a carry on because it's easy to whip out the laptop at customs without spilling all the contents of my bag.
  8. The Trenino is definately too big for an everyday laptop bag. However, I have two treninos (foresta and inferno) that I use for travel. My laptop fits perfectly in the slim pocket of the trenino during travel, but only after I bought one of the Laptop Sleeves (LeSportsac, non-toki, mine is Pictopop). I use the trenino as a carry-on and then just open the velcro top of the Laptop Sleeve located inside my trenino and works GREAT! Congrats on your Campeggio! That is my favorite style. I have it every pattern!
  9. Actually, I'm thinking the Cucciolo would make a good lap top bag/travel bag as long as you have a sleeve for the lap top. Maybe not as an every day lap top bag b/c it's probably bigger than most people need, but I think it would be a perfect travel bag for those that take their lap top. I've heard that people use the changing pad as a "sleeve" -- I'm not sure how well that works, but I guess it's extra padding. My sister wants one for plane travel as her carry on, and plans on putting her lap top in there.

    Edited to add: I found this post when I did a search ...

    It's post #50, and here is the quote:
    "MY laptop just fits in my Cucciolo and the campeggio is smaller. And my lap top is NOT one of the real big ones. It measures 14 inches across."

    DreamsOfToki, I hope you don't mind me quoting your post!
  10. ^ I also think the Cucciolo is a better laptop bag, because it's wide enough, it has pockets that could be used for power cords, CDs, a mouse, etc., and you can use the changing pad as a laptop sleeve.