The bag doesn't have extra tassels...should I ask for a discount?

  1. Hey everyone!

    I have a question...:smile:. If a bag that I want to buy doesn't have extra tassels, is it fair to ask for a discount at a department store (they only have one bag left in that color)? Or not having those extra ones is not really a big deal? And if I wanted to sell the bag down the road, would that be a problem?
  2. hmmmmmmmm, that stinks the bag doesn't come with extra tassles, but it wouldn't stop me from buying a color i love :love: you girls think the nyc store would send extras if you didn't buy it there (?) :wondering
  3. if you keep your receipt the department store should be able to order them for you from BalNY...
  4. I was hoping I could receive a
  5. I just had the same problem with the black & white striped Day bag I bought at NM. When I got home I discovered there were no extra tassels. I brought the bag back to the store and the manager did not offer a discount. She only said that if I wanted to return it I could and that she would try to find the extra tassels. She took the bag from me and took my telephone number. A couple of days later she called and said she found the tassels. I went back and got the bag. Although I didn't ask I don't think she would have given me a discount. It can't hurt to ask though if you don't mind not having extra tassels. I, personally, would rather have them then a discount.
  6. yeah, i don't think they'll offer a discount, but they should be able to find you some extra tassles :yes:
  7. IIWM, I would ask the store to try to get them for you from Bal. If they won't do that for you, I would contact Bal NY, and tell them where you bought it (be sure to keep your receipt) and see if they can do something for you. I could be wrong, but I think there is more of a chance that they will charge you than the department store.
  8. I would definitely try to get the extra tassels, especially if you are buying a new bag....those babies should be with kind of expect that they might be gone on an older bag, but not on a new one.
  9. I think they should just get you extra tassles... All my tassles were splitting I called BalNY and asked to have another set sent, they said the store you bought them for should send them... and I called a different Barneys than where I bought it and they sent them right out no questions asked. So the impression I got from BalNY is that the stores selling them should take care of all that and that is their responsibility.
  10. Everyone one wants a discounts, but the department stores don't generally do it. My thought is always ask, the worst they can do is say no.
  11. Try looking for any defect on the bag such as a loose thread, dry leather patch or even a tiny pen mark and then ask the manager for a discount. I'm not sure if it'll work for B-bags but it worked for me when I found a scratch on this suede Coach bag and Macys gave me a 10% discount on top of the sales price. :jammin:
  12. If you want a discount, I would ask for it - it can't hurt! :smile: If they refuse, then I would definitely ask them to get you the extra tassels.
  13. hmmm,just try to ask see if they can give you a discount~
  14. you should definitely give it a try, it's like i always say "you don't ask, you don't get" (that applies to raises & stuff too) :angel:
  15. Yeah, I agree... ask for a discount anyway. Can't hurt, right? haha, aaa, I like your style!