*~*~*The Bag collection in Traveler's closet *~*~*

  1. Love your collection !!!
  2. Thank you alkayed! :flowers:
  3. beautiful collection Traveler!!!
  4. Thank you disco! :smile:

  5. I will comment on the bags in a moment but I absolutely die for your white polo dress!!! Me want now, grrrr.
  7. Hi there! Thanks for liking my shirt-dress. I didn't expect it will be noticed. I do like these shirt-dresses - it comes in different colors and I can wear it every where.

    Wow! We have the same taste in bags! For the Balenciaga, I bought the City first. I later realized that it is too small for my day-to-day stuff so I carry her mostly on days when I know I wouldn't need to tote a lot of stuff.

    And so, I decided to get a Work as a bigger Bal bag. The thing with the Work is that it doesn't have long shoulder strap. There is another Bal style - the Velo - that is I think as long as the City but taller and with a long shoulder strap... I'm eyeing the Velo as a next purchase.

    Oh! You will love RM! It can become addicting when you get your first :smile: So many beautiful colors and the leathers are TDF, too!

    Btw, I love your dogs in your signature! They are sooo adorable!!!!

    Thanks again! :hugs:

  8. Thank you soooooo much for your insight! Your way too sweet to do that. I can't wait to investigate the Velo!

    And thanks on commenting on my boyos. They are my babes; love them, and I appreciate you noticing:heart:.
  9. Good luck on your hunt for the perfect Balenciaga! Really, the fun is in the hunt! :biggrin:

  10. I LOVE your collection!!! Especially that vintage Chanel!!! Such a nice MIL!!!
  11. Thank you Eva! The vintage Chanel is such a beauty - the hardware is amazing, the leather is excellent :smile: I'm so lucky MIL decided to hand her down to me.
  12. I am loving your Bal and Chanel collection!
  13. Thanks - off to hunting.
  14. Thank you Tasi :flowers:
    I see in your signature that you've ticked off all of them! Wow! I'd love to see photos of your collection!

  15. I love all the beautiful mod shots...:love: