The Bag Charm Club!

  1. Ok all, since I've been oohing and ahhing at my bag charm, I thought I'd start the club! :yes: Show us your charms! :graucho::nuts:
  2. oh and here's another
  3. attached is my red trios of Epi Rouge, Vernis Rouge and Vernis Pomme:p
    will include my Framboise Inclusion Speedy charm whenever my friend return DC. Great club:yes:
    Azur bubble.jpg
  4. eeee! i love your reds!
  5. Here are a couple of random pics I've taken of my heart coin purses on my bags, and of my multi Pastilles on my Miroir Speedy..I can do more though lol since I constantly switch off.
  6. Here are a few of mine...
    disco.jpg IMG_2677.jpg pink n brown.jpg
  7. wow, really great stuff girls. keep em coming! :smile:
  8. count me in too....

    LV jack & lucie

    juicy couture gingerbread man
    jack&lucie.JPG j&l_mono.JPG IMG_0243.JPG IMG_0239.JPG IMG_0238.JPG
  9. Here are some more..
    1-Orange/White Jack & Lucie on Mandarin Epi Jasmin, silver disco ball on Framboise Houston
    2-Yellow Groom Cles on BH, Blue Groom keychain on Damier Speedy 30
    3-Pomme Inclusion Speedy on silver Miroir Speedy
    4-Perle heart coin purse on gold Miroir Speedy
    keyrings1.jpg keyrings2.jpg PommeonSilver.jpg whiteongold.jpg
  10. Ladies .....Great bag charms
  11. Here's my Jack & Lucie (mono and orange/white):love: ... my only charms for now but I'm working on it:graucho:
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  12. Here's mine!!!

    Baggy PM and Red Groom Keychain


    Mini Lin Ebene Speedy 30 and Multicolor Pastilles Keychain

    Denim Baggy PM and Multicolor Jack & Lucy
  13. [​IMG]
  14. love your charms, gals :heart: