The Bad Girls Club

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  1. I saw this last night. ALL of them need serious help.
  2. wow Ripsi went on a rampage i'm hooked on this show. she reminds me of nicole richie!

  3. OMG, i saw this today and I thought the same. She could be her long lost sister. DRAMA that's for sure!
  4. Ripsi was the weirdest drunk I have ever seen with her swishy walk.
  5. I watched one episode...the one when that one girl is doing yoga and suddenly gets really mad at this other girl...I don't really see the point of this show, who are these girls?
  6. I finally caught two episode's :nuts: my god, these girls are so whacked out ! I agree that Ripsi looks so much like Nicole. I wonder what the new roomate is going to be like ? i guess crazy like the rest of them. :roflmfao:

    Tivo here we go :wlae:
  7. For those who missed this crazy cat fight ! :nuts:


    Ripsi is hammered out of her mind and starts fighting with Kerry for no reason...Then she gets a second wind and goes after Jodie, who was sleeping, and Ty finally kicks her out...

    Before this, Ripsi and Zara drank a whole fifth of Jack Daniels...And then who knows what they were drinking after that... (more)

    Why did I just
    this show? It debuted a couple of week’s ago on the Oxygen network and it seriously is going to sweep the Emmy’s next year. The premise is taking aka drunk hos and putting them up in a Los Angeles house and giving them lots of booze.
    The greatest moment ever in history comes when Ripsi drinks a whole bottle of Tequila and starts attacking Kerry (the bad girl of for absolutely no reason. She honestly chokes the ho and tries to kill her! The other girls rip Ripsi off off her and put her down on the sofa. Ripsi passes out for about twenty seconds and suddenly gets up and starts throwing apples at the windows. She takes her fury upstairs and starts attacking a sleeping girl named Jodie ( Pam Anderson wannabe )

    I mean Jodie is sleeping and minding her own business when Ripsi tries to tear her weave out and punches her in the eye! She passes out and wakes up not remembering a thing! I mean…
    I’m telling you…this show is the stuff dreams are made of! This clip is long, but it’s worth every minute. Ripsi deserves an Oscar and a Grammy.

  8. this is the best girl fight ever lmao
  9. I agree with you 1000% but kerry I think in the next couple of episodes took way to far. People make mistakes and ripsi should have stayed...
  10. Personally, I think that Ripsi was wrong for what she did but I believe what happened was instagated by some of the roomates...what do you guys think?
  11. Well, they all seem to have some problems, Ty and LeeLee are the most "normal," Ty has some sort of police record, but apparently their major claim to badness involves past or present employment in the adult entertainment industry, which while it might not be an occupational choice I would be drawn to, neither am I comfortable dumping anyone who does in a box labelled "bad."

    Regarding the current traumas, I think both Ty and LeeLee have their points. Zara is offensive, she is a racist, but as she herself admits she is not accustomed to being in ethnically diverse situations, and even more relevant, as Ty points out, in her own inimitable way, Zara does appear to be "a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal."

    So while I can understand that LeeLee has little wish to interact much with Zara, I can also understand Ty's attempt to be kind to someone who is less fortunate.

    And I do fear for Zara when she inevitably discovers that Tomik is a total sleazeball, although perhaps I shouldn't worry so much about her emotional vulnerability, she certainly dumped her boyfriend easily enough, although she claimed to have proposed matrimony to him. Maybe her going on in such detail on the phone to him about her activities with Tomik was some sort of passive-aggressive retaliation for his having rejected her, though since he is 18, and she is 22, and as mentioned above, does appear to be living with some developmental issues, I do commend his decision.

    The other girls are sort of boring in their badness, which appears to be little more than routine skanktrashiness. Maybe one of them will prove me wrong and demonstrate some interesting characteristic that helps me tell one of them from the other. Well, except for Aimee, who is brunette, so I get no points for distinguishing her from the others.

    I do hope that poor Ripsi was able to get some help, her badness did appear to be rooted in problems of such a deep-seated in serious nature that her participation in a reality show was not really, in my opinion, appropriate in the first place.

    And to answer Keodi's question, some of the girls did question whether continuous and steady alcohol consumption for two days straight was a good idea, and at least one expressed skepticism when Ripsi explained that she was drinking tequila shots to sober up.
  12. Ripsi is coming back with new hair. LOL
  13. great! I liked her