The Backwards, Forwards, Alphabet Game

  1. Okay this one is easy. One person starts off with a letter.


    You want the next person to name the letter four away from T, so type: T+4

    The next poster should type the letter X. They choose whether or not the next poster goes backwards or forwards in the alphabet, and by how many letters. If you ever hit Z, A is next, and the same going backwards; Z would come immediately after A going the other direction.

    So let's say the next poster types X + 7

    The poster after that would type E - 2 (because E is seven letters away from X going forward in the alphabet, as indicated by the + sign: X Y Z A B C D E ) and 2 because she wants the next poster to count back two letters from E.

    Next Poster: C

    Next Poster: K
    K - 4



    K-4 anyone?

  2. D+7
  3. J + 12
  4. V + 5
  5. A+10
  6. K - 2
  7. I + 15
  8. X + 9
  9. i think im confused. :sos:
  10. G - 5
  11. B + 10
  12. L-5
  13. G -2