~`The Backpack Club`~

  1. Hey guys, whoever has ANY type of LV backpack post it up!!

    show 003.jpg

    show 005.jpg
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  2. I own an Epi Goeblins in the yellow tassili color. Unfortunately, I've never taken any photos of it though. I used to own the medium sized Montsouris but ended up giving it to my SIL since I hated dealing with the drawstring closure and buckle. Hmmmm..... I've never seen her use the Montsouris. I hope that she still has it and didn't give it to anyone else.
  3. Pionnier Backpack in Terre, I want it in Black but I may wait for the new Dark/Navy blue DG color to come out, yes it is coming out :smile:
  4. Here's my contribution, the Bosphore Sac. Can't say enough positive things about the utility of this great looking pack: features include easy access outside pockets, full-length side pocket, spacious interior, canvas straps and vachetta handle. :tup:
    IMG_4553.JPG IMG_4556.JPG Temple of Concordia 480.jpg
  5. me!:tup:
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  6. I love the look of this backpack. I travel a lot and am planning on getting one of these.
  7. I miss my Vernis Murray :crybaby:
    One day I will be back to join this club =)
  8. [​IMG]
    mine...used to use it often as a diaper bag!! =D
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  9. Ellipse Backpack.



    comparison pic for reference. pictured with lesportssac pouch.
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. my montsouris Gm in the back
    and my mother's red epi mabillion.
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  12. Hey...count me in....:wlae:
    finally moved my lazy ass and took a photo of my sac a dos bosphore
    sorry for the bad pictures...
    P.S everybody here looks fab...although I don't think I'll ever buy a backpack again(too impractical IMO) you still rock them...keep them coming!!!
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  13. lvbagcontentsandtobey 002.JPG

    lvbagcontentsandtobey 004.JPG

    lvbagcontentsandtobey 007.JPG

    lvbagcontentsandtobey 009.JPG

    lvbagcontentsandtobey 010.JPG
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  14. me and coworker being weird @ work.. lol


    btw I loveeeeee Agrigento!!! and the temples :heart: :heart::heart:
    DSCI0814 (2).jpg
  15. Can you put a lot of stuff in this compared to the Epi Mabillon, do you think? Or are they about the same?