The Bachelorette S/S 2016

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  1. Originally I was a Jordan girl (my sister LOVES CHAD) but hey for Ms JoJo I'm leaning more and more towards Luke...another Texan for our lovely lady.

    BUT WHY is CHAD showcased to the nth degree? Kind of a cute roque..
  2. CANNOT STAND CHAD. Sorry for the yelling. But still.

    James T., Alex, and Luke are my top 3 right now. Chad is the new Olivia, ugh.
  3. Okay Chad is set up to be the rabble rouser but if you really listen to what he says...I guess I agree with him!
  4. It's the WAY he says it thats the problem. Of course they can't be "in love" at this point, the other guys are simply being light hearted as they do every season. And from his in-your-face demeanor, he has some serious issues.
  5. Chad brings the's the status quo for reality shows. Bring the drama, stay on the show. It doesn't hurt that he's super hot. ;)

    My favorites are Christian, Grant, and Alex - Alex mostly because he's a Marine and I have a thing for a man in his dress blues (husband was a Marine) ;)

    JoJo is so cute and fun and I hope she finds love! I like that most of the guys are being silly and light hearted. I'm sure it will get more intense as people are eliminated but I think a lot of them are just going with the flow. Chad is going against the current so we'll see where that takes him.
  6. Chad makes me laugh, sorry. But you're all correct. So the theory floating around my family is that JoJo got to pick probably 5 guys on her own and the brass selected the other high school Harry's.

    Here's a note; When JoJo did the first "passionate" kiss (and that was with Luke), before that sultry smack she was caressing his neck and really starring into his eyes. You can read all over her body "I REALLY LIKE YOU".
  7. Maybe it's just me, but I think in terms of looks this season is a major disappointment.
  8. Two nights this week . Don't know if I can take that much filler and nonsense but I'll watch anyway
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  9. Why has this season sucked me in? I haven't watched either series since the vineyard Bachelor what 8 years ago?

    One epi and there I am :sad:
  10. Gah, Chad is such a jerk. I haven't even made it through half of last night's episode and he is just making low blow comments. I"m sure it's 'produced' but it still sucks. I wouldn't mess with Alex.
  11. He really is a jerk and incredibly rude to the other men and JoJo. I like how she handled it tho she could've sent him home right then.

    When she had the date with James it seemed as if she wasn't going to keep him around. Then he told her about his childhood. I think she did a very kind thing in giving him a rose. Whatever happens from now on he'll feel better about himself. I love her for that.
  12. A man with anger issues = NO thank you. :nogood:
  13. Chad is no saint but OMG

    Alex is a freaking douche and to much of a wuss to stand up to Chad himself.

    Evan dear god biggest weasel ever, you provoke a bear he's going to respond and when he did you got all scared and ran to Chris. I wish Chad would knock him out LOL

    Chad will be gone tonight unfortunately
  14. Alex serves as a reminder of how important height is to me, in a man.
  15. I just looked at Chad's Bachelor Biography...he said his greatest achievement is "being born good looking". wow