The Bachelor Rome

  1. He reminds me of Bronson Pinchot who was Balki on the tv show Perfect Strangers. Is it just me?
  2. watching it now. He's pretty cute
  3. watching it ...
    i wouldn't have picked that socialite girl from houston..
  4. He is really irritating!!! Shake em'
  5. I cannot believe the girls he chose...those are the ones I would have cut...FIRST!!!!
  6. He needs a nose job! :smile: The girl who sold her car, she looks like Nicole Richie.
  7. I thought he was sweet, but that's what the producers wanted me to think.
    I love the Socialite. She's a complete SNL character.
  8. Ah, I wanted to watch it last night, but I totally forgot. I'll have to catch next weeks episode.
  9. I watched it last night. I can't believe Lorenzo chose that socialite ditz. She looks so annoying. I felt bad for that Italian girl who sold her car and didn't even get picked.
  10. I actually kinda like him. Don't you wonder if a few of the rose recipients are producer picks for future drama? Like Desiree (the shake-it girl) and the socialite (SNL character-LOL)? Various message boards say the producers keep a few of those types in to create conflict.

    Only a few of his picks would have been mine, but I'm not a bachelor, so what do I know?
  11. I was actually wondering the same exact thing, about producers keeping a few crazy or dramatic ones on hand....can't stand that socialite girl though (did you see her mother's behavior as well?)...but maybe she is kept on for the drama. I really like that Ellen girl..she seems really level-headed and mature. And very pretty to boot. And I also liked Lisa (?)..I think she was the first girl out of the first limo?
  12. Ladies, you can throw him to me.. I like that preppy look and wouldn't mind a tour of Rome in a convertable with him...:graucho::graucho::graucho::graucho::graucho:

    Has anyone of the guys ever stayed with the one they finally picked??
  13. I am watching because it's in Rome and looks like there are going to be some good cat fights! :graucho: I guess he is OK, not too bad. I am sure a few of those girls picked were producers' choices to keep the show interesting. What up with that Gina the Ultrasound Technician and her facial expressions? She sounds like she is going to be trouble. I can't stand that socialite. My favorite so far is the last girl that stepped out of the limo, Sadie.