The Bachelor: Officer AND A Gentleman

  1. for This Season of "The Bachelor" 3/27/07


    The 25 Bachelorettes Who Look to Capture the Handsome Doctor's Heart Are Revealed What do a woman with strong morals, a voluptuous vixen, a patriotic medical student, a sorority girl with a secret and a party girl who's not afraid to get down and dirty all have in common?

    They're all in the hunt for U.S. Naval Lieutenant Andy Baldwin, M.D., when the tenth edition of ABC's popular romance "The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman," premieres MONDAY, APRIL 2 (9:45-11:00 p.m., ET), on the Television Network.

    (Editor's note: The program's regular run time is 9:30-11:00 p.m., ET.)
    U.S. Navy Lieutenant Andy Baldwin, M.D., 30, a handsome undersea medical officer for a special operations dive unit stationed in Hawaii - a real-life "officer and a gentleman" - is about to face the most exciting mission of his life: finding true love.

    Andy, an accomplished triathlete and winner of recent humanitarian awards for his work in Laos last summer -- on a mission where he treated over 600 Laotians in remote mountain villages -- begins his marathon run to find the woman of his dreams. In the premiere episode, "1001," the bachelorettes arrive to party and meet Andy, and are quick to find out that the competition starts immediately - right as they get out of their cars. This time it really is a "first impression" that Andy must deliver to one lucky lady as she arrives, and it's enough to send daggers flying between the 25 new bachelorettes.
    Coincidentally, this first night also happens to be Andy's 30th birthday, and the news spreads like wildfire around the room. The bachelorettes pull out all the stops to impress Andy: Linda, a female body-builder, challenges him to a contest, Stephanie W, an acrobatic bachelorette, is so taken by the Bachelor that she literally does back flips for him in her in a must-see demonstration, and Tina treats Lieutenant Baldwin to a patriotic serenade of "The Star Spangled Banner."

    The pressure mounts as the evening goes on and sparks fly between two tipsy bachelorettes. Andy must eliminate ten of the 25 women the first night, leaving 15 to compete for his affections. In the end, one woman explodes in a tirade when she misses out on the last rose.

    The 25 women are:
    Alexis, 26, attorney, who currently resides in Southlake, TX.
    Amanda, 26, financial analyst, who currently resides in Dallas, TX.
    Amber, 23, teacher, who currently resides in Sugar Land, TX.
    Bevin, 28, clinic research coordinator, who currently resides in Palo Alto, CA.
    Blakeney, 29, in radio sales, who currently resides in Birmingham, AL.
    Candace, 23, waitress, who currently resides in Hilton Head Island, SC.
    Catherine, 23, former Miss Illinois, who currently resides in Lake Forest, IL.
    Danielle I., 25, graphic designer, who currently resides in Bethel, CT.
    Danielle V., 26, who currently resides in Bronx, NY.
    Erin, 24, financial analyst, who currently resides in Dallas, TX.
    Jackie, 23, executive coordinator, who currently resides in Minneapolis, MN.
    Jeanette, 27, health care manager, who currently resides in Tampa, FL.
    Jessica, 32, hedge fund analyst, who currently resides in New York, NY.
    Kate, 24, boutique owner, who currently resides in Charleston, SC.
    Linda, 33, attorney, who currently resides in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.
    Lindsay, 22, student, who currently resides in Lawrence, KS.
    Nicole, 26, sales manager, who currently resides in Charleston, SC.
    Peyton, 24, sorority who currently resides in Dallas, TX.
    Stephanie T., 27, organ donor coordinator, who currently resides in Folly Beach, SC.
    Stephanie W., 23, project manager, who currently resides in Overland Park, KS.
    Susan, 23, boutique manager, who currently resides in The Woodlands, TX.
    Tessa, 26, who currently resides in San Francisco, CA.
    Tiffany F., 27, real estate sales/development, who currently resides in St. Louis Park, MN.
    Tiffany W., 28, medical equipment who currently resides in Boston, MA.
    Tina, 26, medical student, who currently resides in CA

    The 10th edition of this reality staple showcases a Navy medical officer and triathlete.
  2. I dont think he's handsome. Nice teeth though.
  3. Thanks for the rundown...I think he is cute. From what I have seen on the previews, he has a really nice body!
  4. I already set up my TIVO!! I can't wait to see the girls. 2 of them are from here.
  5. Yeah there's a couple of girls from NYC. Jessica and Danielle. I guess to be polite I should route for them. :s
  6. Your welcome.

    I guess I will have to wait and see regarding his body. Which will be on display soon enough.
  7. I don't know I always watch this show even though it just shows girls become obnoxious over a guy they barely know, and it rarely results in an actual relationship. I guess I just like watching other people's drama. :smile:
  8. They seem to fall inlove the minute they hear about his bank account.... That is what the *****ing and fighting is for. Oh well ! lets see what happens.
  9. I can never understand why a man like that (naval officer, surgeon, handsome, rich) cant find a throng of women himself...
  10. I guess that's what makes the show. But, yes, an eligible man such as this cannot find a woman ???
  11. Okay who watched it ? what did you think the girls ? What about Andy ?
  12. WOw- there are 6 girls from Texas! Some of them seem like real *****ES! It is still on for me here in Texas. He is not cute and not my type of guy at all. I have dated too many Doctors and vowed never to date another so maybe that's why he turns me off?
  13. I haven't! I am actually mortified that the Navy would let someone do that. Oh well...
  14. OMG Lindsay is awful and such a trashy girl. YUCK. So rude telling the other girl it was LUCK that she got the rose. She has an over-inflated esteem saying she is more attractive!!? And calling some girl a jackass!?!
  15. THanks God he didn't give her a rose!!