The Bachelor: Officer And A Gentleman:Andy Baldwin & Tessa Hot In Hawaii

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  1. US Navy Lt Andy Baldwin and his “rose” Tessa Horst are the latest lovebirds to come out of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman.

    The pair were spotted frolicking on a Hawaiian beach, enjoying a romantic Saturday afternoon together during Memorial Day weekend.

    Andy and Tessa, who plan to live in Hawaii, had quite the PDA-fest…

    Tessa’s Chopard diamond engagement ring conveniently glistened in the bright sun.

    “I always say the mutts are the most exotic and beautiful,” Andy recently joked of Tessa’s Chinese and Polish ancestry.

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  2. more pics

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  3. At first I didn't like Tessa...But last night I saw the "after show" and she grew on me :smile: I'm glad that Andy is happy with her. You can really tell that they love eachother just by the way they act :biggrin:
  4. I love them both! I hope they last.
  5. They are very sweet together indeed. She went into the ocean with that huge rock on her finger??:confused1:
  6. idk they two have way too hot bodies to just be two random people who met on reality tv...i'm very suspicious:supacool:
  7. I felt the same I like her. I hope they stay together!
  8. I think these two are adorable!! Hope it works out!!
  9. cute, but honestly the first set of photos looks staged, like they're tense.
  10. ^ I thought the same. no one hops around on a beach like that, unless they know there will be pics. great way to promote yourself...
  11. Aww, how cute. I hope this one lasts.
  12. I agree. They're adorable but the first batch of photos looked a little too staged.
  13. Hope it works out for them.
    I wish them a long happy relationship
  14. I wish them all the best but personally, I did not like his choice.:tdown:
  15. I was not a fan of tessa before and I'm still not. I liked Danielle (the one who lost her BF - he died). Anywho Tessa has no butt and it annoys me and so does the way that she talks BUT I do have to admit that they do seem to really like each other unlike all the previous bachelors!!