The Baby Who Is Already Walking...At Six Months Old

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    By LIZ HULL - 5th March 2007

    When her son started crawling at three months old, Connie Robinson had a hunch he was going to be a fast learner.

    But baby Reuben still astonished her when he got to his feet and started to walk at just six months.

    development experts said it was almost unbelievable that Reuben was on his feet at an age where most babies were still learning how to sit up.

    Most children do not start walking until after their first birthdays – making Reuben a prodigy.
    His 38-year-old mother added: "I couldn't believe it. He just got up and started walking around the front room. He's so young. It looks very funny.
    "I contacted the Guinness Book of Records who said they didn't have a record for it but they hadn't heard of any babies learning to walk at a younger age."
    Reuben was born on July 23 last year, weighing in at 6lbs 2oz.
    By September he was crawling around on his hands and knees and he started walking unaided last month.
    Mrs Robinson, from Harlow, Essex, said that her two older children, Marcus, 17, and Yazmin, three, were both early walkers.
    Marcus was walking at ten months and Yazmin at nine, but neither took to their feet as quickly as their little brother.
    She added: "He is getting up to so much now he can walk. He pulls the phone cord and tries to eat the houseplants."
    Dame Lorna Muirhead, the former president of the Royal College of Midwives, said that Reuben's progress was "remarkable".

    "I've certainly never heard of a baby walking at six months,’ she added.
    "It is truly amazing, absolutely remarkable for a baby to be on his feet so young. If he continues at that rate he will be driving a car by the time he is five!
    "I think most mothers would want a baby to cuddle in their arms for longer than six months.
    "Normally, mothers are quite proud if their children start to walk before 12 months.
    "For babies to start walking before a year, let alone six months, is exceptional.
    "This little boy sounds like he will be quite a handful for his poor mother."
    Hayley Martin-Burns, co-owner of Rum Tum Tuggers day nursery in Harlow, added: "At six months you would be expecting them to be mastering sitting up. You certainly wouldn't expect walking."

    Mrs Robinson, a full-time mother, has been married to her bus driver husband John, 31, for five years.
    "It must be in their genes because all my children have started walking early," she said.

    "But it was still amazing when Reuben started at six months. He was sitting up at three months and started crawling soon after.
    "Then one day last month he suddenly stood up in the middle of the room and started taking a few steps.
    "He must have really good balance because didn’t even hold on to the furniture, he didn't need any help, and he has been tottering around ever since." Mr Robinson added: "It's unbelievable really. Reuben is a good boy, although he is a bit of handful now he's up and about."

    Video: Watch the baby in action
  2. What a cutie!! To be honest I wouldn't want my babies walking at six months. Whew that's when all the trouble starts! LOL
  3. awww... he is too cute!

    i didn't realize that most babies start walking after turning 1. my nephew was standing on his own and walking just after 9 months... and my cousin's baby was walking by 10 months old. my siblings and i all started walking before our first birthdays too... so i guess it must run in the family.
  4. It would be interesting to see if in 20 years any of these kids turn out to be sports prodigies, or really gifted in some other area that requires good coordination, or if they eventually just settle back into the bell curve.
  5. also, that outfit is adorable. he looks like he is going on safari.
  6. Ain't that the truth? lol. With my first I agonized with each milestone. I just couldn't wait. With the 2nd daughter, I really just remembered how stressful the walking stage was. LOL :push:
  7. My daughter started walking at 10 1/2 months which is also early. At the time we thought it was the coolest thing. I changed my mind real quick. I feel sorry for the parents. Once the kid is walking all hell breaks loose. With kid #2 I am not going to encourage walking at all!
  8. That's exactly what we were thinking. This is so amazing.
  9. i was walking early on (i'll have to ask my mom at what month specifically...but i know its after 6mnths). then i potty trained myself at i a prodigy? no, i just have a competitive personality and saw my other close in age relatives going into the restroom and wondered what they did so apparently my mom told be and i began using the restroom also.
  10. I son walked at 9.5 months...........he has always done everything early. He is now 10 yrs old and has always been on the honor role.....prodigy? nah? just a smart lil guy.
  11. oh my! my daughter started at 11months and i thought that was early!
  12. He's so cute!
  13. Wow! That's amazing. I'll bet he'll turn into a superstar in sports.

    Juicy couture jen - I want to eat that baby in your avatar up!!! What a cutie-pah tootie!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. Why can't my lazy baby walk like this one???? My baby is approaching six...TEEN months!
  15. awww my baby sister started walking at 9 months and learned to count and learned to sing her ABCs at 18 months! She could also point out all the numbers 0-9 and all the letters of the alphabet at the time. I miss her as a baby!