The Azur that got away...

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  1. :wtf: i bought an azur pochette and cles last saturday (nov 25) but was on the fence about the speedy 25 or the noe (still in azur, of course). today, i decided to call my sa just to make sure they put either one on hold for me so i can come back tomorrow and buy the one that i like better. my sa tells me THEY'RE BOTH SOLD OUT! all the stores in hk have 0 of these bags in stock. i feel like crying...
  2. Aww don't worry, they'll have more soon...
  3. At least this line is permanent. You'll get yours in due time. Think positive!
  4. thanks guys. i just needed to express my surprise at how fast it went. guess lots of people went lv azur shopping yesterday. the next time i see either a noe or speedy 25, i'm bringing the baby home.
  5. ohh thats unfortunate, but at least its permanent and you will get one eventually.
    I am worried about this too, i want to purchase the saleya in a few weeks. I asked my SA at the beginning of Nov if she thinks ill be able to just walk in and get one or if it will be sold out, and she said they should have them, but from what i have heard lately im not so sure. I want to get it before i go overseas in Jan so i can get the tax back..
  6. i know how u feel! i went to teh lv store thinking that would get the bag, but i wasn't sure, went home and miss it so much i called the sa and he told me it's all gone, and not sure when the next shipment will be... I'M WORRIED! i want to get the bag before the jan. price increase!
  7. I really need to take a look at this Azur line in person....hmmmmm :hrmm:
  8. Don't worry I imagine they will have some more in stock soon .. just in time for the holiday season;)
  9. Makeupmama....have you checked the Milan Stations?????? There is probably one there...alot of times they also have the new bags!!
  10. good idea, anne. i will definitely be on the lookout.

    listrickmu- i don't know if you want to do that. all it took for me was one look and now i'm hooked! :smile:
  11. Its a matter of time and they'll have stock again, just keep checking :smile:
  12. sorry to heat that...i hope u find ur azur soon :smile:
  13. There will be more. Just wait a little bit! :yes: