The Azur line...have you listed?

  1. I just called Century City LV and they said that the line will be available starting from Oct. 1....I asked to be on the list if they started and of course they had.

    I listed for the Speedy 30, cause I have the 25 in chocolate Damier already and cant afford anything else except for some accesorries to go along with it..he......they told me to call back in a week or two to get the full available styles. The handles are same as the Mono she tells me....

    Anyone else in line and what are you going to purchase?

    Im so excited!!! :yahoo:
  2. wow! oct 1st not nov 1st?
  3. i was told Nov 1st too????
  4. :shame:hahaha- i got excited so i just called 866 and she said november...she told me the prices are going to be different then the mono and damier
  5. i want the speedy 30! but i have to save up b4 i get hopefully for the holidays
  6. I swear..I spoke with 866 to get on the wait list for the speedy and she told me that the prices were going to be the same as the mono and damier
  7. *crosses fingers in hope that that's true*

    Have they released any pictures of some of the pieces in the azur line? I really want to see what an Azur Speedy would look like :drool: .
  8. I can't wait for this line :yahoo:
  9. I hope you're right about the prices being the same.:yes: :P
  10. yeah thats what i was told the first time...i asked her if the prices would be the same and she said no they will be a bit different so then i said how much she didnt know that info yet... i dont see why it wouldt cost different its the same bags
  11. exactly. it just a diff color scheme
  12. No I haven't, but I think I should! I don't have a regular SA in the Century City boutique (only bought there once!) :confused1: Do you know if they make the regular pochette (as opposed to the mini?)
  13. I absolutely cannot wait!!! I got on for the speedy...and was also told that the line was coming out Nov 1st...same price as the mono speedys
  14. I'm probably just going to get a pochette and a cles.
  15. I wish there was going to be an Azure Alma. Oh well, maybe sometime in the future there will be? :P