The Australiana Club

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  1. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! G'day mate and welcome to The Australiana Club. :tup:
    Whether you were born and bred on the big brown land or are lucky enough to now call Australia home,
    feel free to post here, share your LV purchases and pics, and of course anything Oz-related.
    So kick off ya thongs, crack open a coldie and talk the talk with your fellow Aussies. :supacool:
  2. G'DAY MATE! i'm in! lv lover from sydney
  3. Hi, I'm from Western Australia
  4. Woohoo!!! I think I count - I'm a naturalised Aussie! Born in London, moved to Wellington at 12, moved out here at just-turned-20. Still have a dodgy South London accent, but living in the outback I'm as ocker as I need for this club, owning a Drizabone and an Akubra! :welcome:

    This picture belongs on the front page of this thread: My Tikal Pochette at Quilpie, over 1,000kms from the sea, hanging out with me whilst doing a standby at Camel Races for work! :jrs:




  5. Teehee.. and I giffed my famous Possie on YouTube! :lol::love::heart:

  6. Welcome all you LoVely Aussies... and FrankieP thanks for those bloody brilliant pics mate! :tup:
  7. Thanks for the invite Teen!

    Miss Fizz here from Adelaide. Born in Brunei, studied in England, married to a Singaporean and now living in Australia. Nothing special...boring ol' lil me!
  8. I'm in!!! LV lover from Melbourne. BTW, FrankieP, your pics can be used in a LV ad :tup:
  9. Yay! What a great club. :yahoo:

    Frankie - I love your pics, LV looks so unique against the Aussie territory!

    Hello to all the fellow aussies, If you are from Melbourne - we are having a Melbourne LV meet in October some time, so I will keep this thread updated with details.
  10. Thanks for the invite m1nime. I'm based in Melbourne and it's great to have our own little club here in purse-land. Haven't participated for a little while in this forum. But feel comfortable enough to post here with fellow Aussies.
  11. Hey, thanks for the invite...I'm in too...from boring ol Adelaide =)
  12. Thanks for the invite! I'm from the wonderful Sunshine State :smile:

    I have been admiring LV, but I've been admiring from afar! haha.

    I dream of something in azur damier one day, maybe a wallet, they are good value I think. I seem to spend all my money on Chloes though! :Push:
  13. Welcome LoVely ladies and thanks for joining tPF's newest and most excLusiVe club! :welcome:

    qwerty234 - I'm from the Sunshine State too and adore Azur. I have the Pochette Wallet (AU$700) and highly recommend it if you're in search of something that has plenty of room, is durable and looks great. Consider yourself enabled!!
  14. So whats everyone dreaming of at the moment?

    My next bag will be something in Epi Ivorie - Im thinking the Passy or speedy. I need a white bag for summer.
  15. m1nime - I just purchased a special bag from a fellow tpfer and it's (hopefully!) arriving tomorrow. So I've been dreaming about that lately!

    Paije - whereabouts are you in Adelaide? Are we the only 2 ones from the Festival State? By the way, I've been so busy with work lately so I havn't managed to take those pics. i'll try and do them this weekend for you :smile: