The Aureilla MM went up...

  1. :cursing: The aureilla mm went up by 80.00 glad dh got it before the price increase. Did anything go down in price??? The PH went from 885. to seems like the MC line really went up :sad:....I had to call to see if the aureilla price changed and it did by 80 CD:cursing: .....the SA said there will be another increase next spring:cursing: ....the MC line is sooo expensive...cannot believe the price of the aureilla mm now.....wish they put the same linining in the mono canvas bags....
  2. Epi speedy went down, and a few accessories, but don't remember which ones.
  3. lvpug, Louis Vuitton has a price increase every year as far back as I can remember and I been collecting for the longest. One in spring and one in the summer and always a sneak one before they launch the fall/winter campaigns so they will not miss out on the holiday crush.:yes: :flowers:
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