The Aulmoniere

  1. Has anyone ever seen the smaller version of the aulmoniere in red? I have seen the larger version in colors like green and blue (never red) and the small one in black, white and brown....but I would love the small version in red!

    Am I looking for something that doesn't exist?
  2. I've only seen the one size but I would definitely be interested in a smaller version--and the brighter colors would be fab! Would love a rouille!!!
  3. do they have the smaller size???
  4. whats the difference between the two sizes price and dimension wise?
  5. Well, I'm not sure about the size difference (didn't know there were two sizes) but I just bought one today and it measures 17cm across the bottom, and 18cm measured down the middle from top to bottom. It must be the smaller one because it is pretty small. I am planning to use it as my evening bag. It is 18% grey (a photography term, but might mean something to you), but I'm not sure on the official color name. I'll soon post a pic then someone can help me out here.
  6. There are definitely 2 sizes in this style, the large one, if I remember correctly is almost the size of the First, the smaller one's more like the MU I think...