Thé au lait....yummy!

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  1. I have seen this perfect neutral color on a small dogon wallet at Hermes Milan yesterday and I just love it!! :love: :love:

    Do you know if this color/leather- Thé au Lait / veau rodeo - is also available for larger items like bags? I asked the SA but she did'nt know and the shop was croweded so that I prefered not to wait for her to ask the manager.

    I am going to ask my local boutique next week of course but wanted to know if you have seen this color and what you think about it for a Kelly 32. Thanks.
  2. This sounds like a job for Hermesgroupie or Grand Fonds! They will know! Or lucy, where is Lucy???
  3. I asked a while back for someone else on the forum, unfortunately veau Rodeo is available in small items only...........for the time being. I dropped a line that it is a great leather for bags as well.
  4. Thanks a lot HG!
    Do you happen to know if the color (thé au lait) comes on other leathers?
  5. ^^^^Not that I know of, I've only seen it in veau rodeo.
  6. are the best!
  7. oooh, that looks like a yummy color! Is it darker or lighter than chocolate brown? Is it greyish?
  8. ^^^LaVan it literally looks like cafe au lait. A little paler than etoupe.
  9. Thanks HG! Seems like a very interesting color! I can't wait to see one.
  10. Sounds marvelous.