The attributes of "Ardennes" vs. other H textured leathers

  1. Hi, Folks.

    I write on behalf of a friend who is considering the purchase of an ardennes birkin. I know this is a discontinued leather...but I am hopeful that you might provide some insight as to the qualities/attributes of this leather.

    My thanks.
  2. i think it's a wonderful leather.

    totally depends on your friend's taste/style though. it's very similar to fjord, then togo is a more mild version. does your friend like the masculinity and durability of a textured leather? or is she looking for something more refined?
  3. It's scratch resistant and I believe holds its shape better than clemence. Just make sure your friend understands one thing, since this is a discontinued leather, if Hermes needs to replace a part, such as the handle or strap, it will not be possible since they no longer have access to this leather.
  4. It is a very durable leather and quite stiff, but it lacks the wonderful soft hand of Clemence and Togo.
  5. I agree with the comments about having more stiffness etc. I has a slight sheen, and water just runs off it, so I would say its very water resistant, which is always good! I used to have a Birkin in this leather and was pretty happy with it. I would tell your friend to check the corners of the Birkin well, because I remember that it did have a tendency to rub off in the corners, a bit like another discontinued leather, Courchevel.
  6. As always, thanks so much for your input.
  7. Please save yourself the first Birkin was a 40cm Courchevel in gold. I say 'was' because it was recently sold to a friend who was so desperate for a Birkin. I told her that I kept it only because of sentimental reasons and secondarily, I could not sell it in good conscience as it was losing its colour. The bag almost turned me off completely from Hermes but it was also my fault for not studying better, Hermes skins and their various characteristics.

    Plus points: very stiff, very light, very water-resistant, good sheen akin to chevre.

    MINUS Points: Ardennes, like Courchevel, loses it's colour - a rather heartbreaking process, in my experience. You should get it only if you are prepared for what is bound to happen. Refurbishing the bag will take forever and a day. What with the sourcing of the leather to replace the old and/or the dye that will be applied - perhaps even by a carftsman inexperienced in the leather in question.

    Attached herewith, are a couple of pics of my old bag. From the pics, you will notice how the flap and handles have lost colour and faded; and the smiley created by friction and wear from having the padlock suspended from the turnlock - that shows the grey brown skin beneath.
    mail.jpg mail-1.jpg mail-2.jpg
  8. Eric, is there any way to post larger pictures. I think they would be very instructive if so!
  9. Each pic needs to be at least half a megabyte each to see clearly. I am sorry for not having clearer pics. Will try to resize from what I have........rather difficult due to the fact that the bag in question is no longer in my possession; coupled with my lack of knowledge with computer related matters.
  10. Ohhhhh-kaaaaaaay.....sighing from the effort and frustration!!!! Creating a flickr account is quite a task for someone as 'blur' as myself.

    Please see the pics of an older textured-leather birkin at

  11. awww, eric, I did not mean to make things hard for you dear!!!

    Apologies are all mine----really. I am so sorry about the trouble-----

    You really had some great points which stand alone with or without the pics.:yes: are always so insightful about these matters!!!:tup:
  12. Sincere thanks for your wonderfully comprehensive response and illustrative photos...and all your hard work in providing those photos.

    My regards.