The Asymmetrical Bag

  1. Will try and post modelling pics tomorrow. I got it from Christines's in Melbourne. It really is a beautiful colour. The tag says "grey". I'll retire my luggage for a while. This bag is so roomy and much lighter ! I love your navy btw and would love to own it in that colour too if anyway knows where to get one ;)
  2. Since we've been seeing the grey drummed and the navy smooth pictures so far, here is the black drummed that I found off Rakuten.


    Picture taken off Rakuten Japan (link:
  3. :confused1:Questions! I'm looking for This bag and can't find any info. Looking for the softest, slouchiest leather. Is that drummed? Anyone know what colors areavailable? Measurements? Why isn't it on the Celine site?
  4. I'm slowly obsessing over this bag! This thread is far too dangerous...
  5. Stunning!!! I couldn't agree with you more: some softening and sagging is a must :smile:
  6. Hi sunspark, the reason it's not on the Celine site is probably because this bag is from last year. From the info gathered here, the bag comes in black, navy blue, brown/camel and grey. I've seen the grey one and it's in drummed leather.
  7. I love this bag, congrats!
  8. we are so much alike! :biggrin: hello, clean sig space... hey its monday already! :graucho:
  9. Haha if we went shopping together... Oh boy! Lol

    Expect a reveal tonight ;)
  10. If anyone knows where I can get one of these gorgeous bags please PM me. I think my tricolour mini is getting lonely :p. I just asked my SA here in Singapore and she says it is all sold out!
  11. This is my new bag! I have never posted pictures before, so I'm sorry if this didn't work! Thank you to a lovely tpfer who helped me track it down! I am in love.....:p
    Celine 2.JPG Celine 3.JPG Celine 4.JPG Celine 6.JPG Celine 7.JPG
  12. Love, love love this gorgeous bag, congrats! :drool: I need to hunt one these babies down!
  13. Its beautiful....congrats!!
    What size is it?
  14. yaay! congrats on TWO new asymmetricals! now we need mod pics!
  15. Congratulations!!!!
    I agree with baileylab - would love modeling pics too :tup: