The Asteroid was a dud, but then I fell in love


May 17, 2008
Where I am right now
As many of you know, I went to Madison on Wednesday because I needed to make the call on the Asteroid.

This was the shoe that I fell head over heels for in the preview pics and stock photos. When I saw them I just knew that I wanted to wear them to my law school graduation in May. I felt like the three years of law school were so miserable and I hate how conservative I always have to dress, that I wanted a pair of kick *** shoes to graduate in and reflect my general go f**k yourself attitude. I actually sold a couple of pairs of Louboutins, including a holy grail, in order to finance them.

But then when various modeling pictures were posted, my heart sank because they did not spark my fire the same way as the stock pictures did a few months ago. I could never handle 160s, but since I heard that some boutiques, including Madison, were starting to get their shipments , so I knew that I had to see for myself.

I went bright and early to Madison with my mom on Wednesday morning. We were there almost right when the boutique opened. After I quick browse, I only saw the cork/turquoise Asteroids, so I asked the SAs if they had the black or nude. They told me that they did not have any, but then my SA remembered there was one 39 in the black in the back.

She brought them out and slowly unpacked the shoes, handing me each to put on. I was actually surprised how comfortable the 160s were and that I could probably actually walk in them. As I stood up, however, and looked down, my heart sank. I absolutely hated them. Looking down the direction of the spikes reminded me of an explosion happening at my toes. As brightly lit as the boutique was, the crystals did not catch any light. There were actually barely any crystals or flash, just some spikes. They just seemed like Magos with a few crystals and spikes for almost $1000 more. I was actually surprised, but the SA agreed with me.

I was so crushed I did not know what to do. I wanted to just leave the store, but my mother told me I was being stupid because we did not make it to Madison for a five minute visit. My mother told my SA that we were looking for a graduation pair and to pull whatever she wanted in my size that I could want. She pulled close to a dozen pairs and after about an hour of playing dress-up (including Volcano Very Mix Pigalle Platos) a clear winner emerged.