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  1. Thank you for the feedback. What organizer do you use?
  2. DAF45E7F-2DE3-4142-9F74-A29A58F6F746.png 74730EC2-C80F-4079-AA2B-F19D3289B4FA.png
    This one...super cheap on ebay. It’s small for the artsy but I found it works best. The one’s for speedy’s are two wide and stiff
  3. When I first got my bag I used an organizer but the bag is so heavy empty that I decided not to use one anymore.
    I just put my stuff in and use the six pockets that are already on the inside.
    If you do decide to use one - try to get a soft one - the structured ones cause the base to stick out too far from the body - and may cause you to scratch the corners against walls and people lol.
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  4. Great feedback-thank you!
  5. I will check it out. Do you have any pics with it in your artsy by chance?
  6. I’ll take a picture when I get home
  7. Early Valentines from my DH. I am smitten!

    ARTSY MM in supple Monogram canvas with top braided handle.

    IMG_8700.JPG IMG_8701.JPG
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  8. Here you go. I don’t carry much

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  9. Thank you!
  10. I can not believe my Artsy will be 8 years old in May.
    It’s been in its sleeper for a long while - because I have a love/hate relationship with this bag .
    Figured I’d give it another go IMG_4539.JPG
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  11. Hi I'm just about to join the club so I am a newbie! I'm going to LV tomorrow to buy the Zippy but I'm also pretty set on getting the Artsy in monogram too. For me, when it came to adding a new bag, I was going back and forth between the Graceful MM and the Artsy MM. Ultimately I found myself loving the look of the Artsy a lot more. Am I making the right choice getting the Artsy over the Graceful? I know their very different bags, but I don't think the store I am going to has the Graceful in stock so I will not have the chance to try it on. Also, has anyone used an Original Club or Pelikus organiser with the Artsy? What are your thoughts on them if so? I have also seen that some have used a base shaper with the bag but then some have said it can damage the bag, any thoughts on this too? Sorry for all the questions!
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  12. Hi I do not have the Graceful but I do have the Delightful which is very similar and the Artsy.
    In my opinion they are very different bags. I have a love/hate relationship with my Artsy. I received mine in 2011 it was my first LV bag and I agree it’s a beautiful bag but for me it’s a heavier bag and annoying to carry for long periods of time. I probably used it less then 10 times since I purchased it.
    The drop from the top of the handle to the top of the bag isn’t that wide so for me it’s not comfortable with a puffy winter coat and I try not to wear it with sleeveless shirts because I don’t want to get deodorant on the top of the bag - that basically limits my use to fall and spring (light jacket or sleeves).
    The base sticks pretty far out from my body so basically I’ve bumped into people, walls, etc. It could be carried on the crook of your arm but I feel its to heavy for that.
    I have to take it off my shoulder and place on the counter to get my wallet out, phone, etc.

    Like I said it’s a beautiful bag and it was my first bag so I keep it and use it every now and again. I’ve had no issues with the canvas or the handle. It’s made very well and the lining with the six pockets allowed me to forego the organizer. I did purchase a base shaper when I first got it but it really made the base of the bag stick out and I knocked into more things with it.
    If it was my only bag I would probably sell it and purchase something I could use everyday but that’s just my opinion. I suggest you try it on and place your items in the bag and walk around the store with it to see how you feel with it on your shoulder. Good Luck with your decision.
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  13. I didn't get time to go yesterday so will be going tomorrow instead, and will try it out. Thanks for your thoughts!
  14. Hi All,

    I bought my Artsy Noir in Oct 2016, less than a year the handle started melting and it was replaced free of charge. Yesterday when I checked the thread is coming off.

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  15. Oh my goodness. I would be completely freaking out and running to to boutique. I’ve never had this happen. I am one to change my bag every few days though. Is this an everyday bag for you? Not that it should matter really. With the price we pay for these they should be fireproof!