The artsy club!

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  1. Shame on me - I still haven´t made a decision :blush: I´d love to have both :smile:
  2. TOTALLY AGREE! You couldn't have said it better. The MM looks more like an actual handbag, and the GM looks like a giant shopping tote.
  3. Can't wait to join this club. So far I want the Arsty GM. I always go for the larger bags. I remember years ago when people were saying the Speedy 35 was too big but now its very popular.

    Before I make my decision I want to see the Artsy MM first, just in case:smile:
  4. Fabulous Arsty owners, are your bags heat stamped made in the USA or France? I was just wondering since most Monogram bags are made in the USA now.
  5. Where is the heat stamp in this bag and I will check mine.

  6. Mine is Made in the USA.
  7. Mine is made in Spain.
  8. USA here...
  9. anyone got any modeling pics of their artsy gm? would love to see them ;)
  10. Got my Artsy MM today and I love it! So glad I gave it another look. I declined it last week, then had to have it and bought it today. Mine is Made in USA.
  11. I found this Artsy picture on LV Japan website.
    It might help to compare the both sizes.

    My MM is coming on Friday. I can't wait to join the club!!

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  12. Thanks for sharing your opinions Ladies!!

    It makes it easier to make a decision, I have to get this bag in the MM.
  13. Hi Ladies!
    Here are a few pics of me modeling my new Artsy GM. I'm in LOVE with her! The strap is pretty comfortable and a lot more room under the arm to move around. I originally bought the MM, but wasn't crazy about the way it looked on me. I'm a fan of big bags. My smallest bag is my Trevi PM.
    Sorry the picture quality isn't that great...I was using my iPhone.




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    ^ Looks great on you, brittyn! I love the GM! Just wondering, how is it overall? Is it heavy? Does the handle slide down easily? Congrats again!
  15. Yaaaay, congrats Brittyn:yahoo::yahoo:, great modeling shots!!