The Art of Tying a Coach Scarf

  1. Today I was attempting to tie a nice bow onto my Berry Heritage Stripe Tote. I have a print scarf in the same color which would look cute on it, but I couldn't get a satisfactory bow IMO.
    How many times should it be folded, and how? Any basic tricks? How do you like to wear or use the scarves?
  2. It takes practice-just keep trying to tie it in the perfect bow-you'll get it!
  3. I make two loops, one in each hand and then tie them together like a knot. The trick that I do is that I turn the bag upside down to tie the scarf on. So in other words, instead of setting the bag on a table and tying the bow in front of me, I put it handles towards my tummy in my lap and tie the bow that way. Try it. Your mileage may vary though!
  4. i had to take my scarf to Coach so they could tie it lol
  5. Practice, practice, practice!!
  6. I've yet need to learn how to tie a scarf :p
  7. I stink at it too! I have had an SA at Coach tie mine before. My problem is that I have a 2 year old that thinks it's fun to untie it! My mom is actually pretty good at it, so I have her do it if she is around. She lives about 100 miles away, so it is not always an option.
  8. Ditto, ditto, ditto. I've tried different ways and have yet to really get a good bow, although I am getting better at it. Just keep trying.
  9. This is the way that works for me, too. I didn't know about the upside-down part though but I shall try that.
  10. Heh. It's hard to describe how to tie it by just typing it here. But practice makes perfect.

    I tried tying the bow on my Madeline tote, the scarf was smaller and thicker which was a tad difficult. I wasn't used to tying a bow using a thick scarf.

    My parents are a good at it, too. I have yet to see how my dad does it. lol.

    I admit I'm okay at it, the bows I tie are pretty decent. I can't share you my so-called "instructions" though. But k2sealer's tip should help ya out.
  11. I stink at it as matter what I do!!
  12. AWESOME tip! I kept thinking "this bow would look so much better if it was upside down" and now I know the trick :tup: Thank you so much!
  13. I fold my scarf up so its about 2inchs wide. Then thread it through where ever you want the bow to be and then tie it upside down. So the other way up to what you want it. It really works! Thats how i did my Speedy scarf :smile:
    LV Speedy 30 damier.jpg
  14. Thanks to all who offered the tips!

    K2sealer, that is a great tip. I did just that, and now I have a decent bow! I tied it onto the keyring that is in front of the tote, instead of the handle. It looks pretty spiffy! Since it is a plum colored print, it matches very well. :nuts:
    Now I just have to try out walking around with a big floppy bow on my bag....
  15. So while I'm thinking about scarves again, does anyone use their scarves elsewhere? Like neckwear, a sash, etc?