The Art of Shopping

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  1. Im sure we have all been there, you suddenly decide that you would like item x and decide to see if you can purchase it, having seen this item in the shops many times in the past.

    In my case, I really want a red pair of shoes with a mid-high heel with straps. Im certain I have seen the exact pair I am looking for on past shopping expeditions when I was on the hunt for something totally different.

    Why is it as soon as we decide we want to own, for example, the right pair of shoes, do they suddenly disappear off the face of the earth?

    And dont get me started on going shopping for the one thing you actually need. I went shopping the other week for an interview outfit. I had in my mind exactly what I wanted and the things I wanted were in the shops about a week or so previously. But could I find the perfect outfit? No.

    So my conclusion to the whole thing is that we need to buy every single item of clothing available to us because you can guarantee that when you need something, it wont be there for us to buy!!!!

    And also never go shopping when you actually need something, it takes all the fun out of it and you are guaranteed not to find anything. Go shopping when you dont need anything and you will find tons of stuff that you want to buy.
  2. That's so true! When I went looking for jeans, I found a coat, and when I went looking for dress shirts, I found jeans! Its so annoying.
  3. Haha I live by this concept. If I'm out shopping and I see something I like I get it even if I don't need it cuz when I find I do need something like item x (ie a dress), it's nowhere to be found! I have a hard time finding dresses in my size, a 0-2p.
  4. It always happens to me too. I NEVER find what I need when I need it. Or, I'll see a bunch of stuff I love, but not have money that day. When I go back with money none of it is there anymore. :sad:
  5. So true, ladies! I find that this is especially true for special occasion dresses. I like to stock up on versatile dresses.

    I find it better for me if I shop with a "wishlist" loaded on my phone of items that I'm currently searching for (dress trousers, black skinny jeans, or specific items) and I try to focus on those items while shopping. If I see something new in shops that catches my eye, I try to remind myself to stick to "the list"! This helps me buy things I NEED and helps me curb impulse purchases but sometimes certain things slip through the cracks....:blush:
  6. Yep, been looking for a cardigan for months and all I find is dresses and shoes. Ack.
  7. I'm on the other side of this at work. Our brand is always a season ahead for the coasts, so when we get new trendy items like grey skinny jeans, colored denim, white skinnies, motorcycle jackets or the new skinny cargos I will tell my clients to just try them on. That they are the latest thing and they'll get more use out of 'em since it's on the very early side of the trend cycle. My regular clients buy. First time customers think I'm lying that jeggings will be a thing or that white skinnies will be in all the magazines.

    Then they come in a year later asking where the pants they tried on a YEAR AGO are. :lol: And there's really nothing to say but "We had those last year." Since we're in the Midwest, we still have people coming in for the grey denim no one was ready for THREE years ago! Right now, I'm having people act like I have no style for suggesting black skinnies (which IS the must-have right now... yes, black denim!)

  8. I've learned to do this too. I keep a wishlist on hand so when I'm out I can easily remember what I need. And then if I can't buy it that day I snap a photo with my phone (of the item and tags) so I can try to find it when I am ready to buy. It also helps, because I never like to pay full price for anything. I just started doing it, but it seems to be helpful so far.
  9. love your post, so true, would hate people coming in a year later wanting something

    and my dd has black denim skinnies and I picked them up at ON because she is 14 and her taste change with the weather

    I just pick things up when I see them now, becasue this has happened to me too many times, if I love it I get it, and then try to find the need later, like the black leather jacket I just got, I live in Miami & will need it maybe a handful of times but damn it's a nice jacket
  10. my dd goes one step more, she tries it on and takes a picture, so I can see it but also so she can see if she still likes it a week later
  11. This is so true. I've adopted the policy that I will buy whatever looks FABULOUS on me, regardless of what it is. I will not compromise and buy something that looks okay-ish just because I really need whatever it is. I went out looking for a dress a week ago, but came home with a fall coat/jacket instead. But the jacket is absolutely stunning and SO flattering; there will always be dresses in every store I visit - it is just a matter of finding the right one. But that coat could be gone in another month and it couldn't wait.
  12. I'm the same way. I usually go with my gut instinct when I see something new and different and I buy it. I'm usually spot on. A few years ago, I bought this grey heather fleece cape. At the time, I joked I bought it because it made me like a Jedi... sure enough, the f/w '10 runways are still showing the crazy cocoon draping. I'm already ready for super sleek/fitted styles to become readily available (and with the tight black denim, leggings, etc it's coming), but it's nice that I can still pull something like that out, wear it and not like an extra in a sitcom flash back.
  13. Great idea. I had a wedding this September, and arrived back in Italy with 30kg to last me 6 months - which had to cover summer/winter. I scoured the stores and was optimistic when the sales were on in July, but found NOTHING!!!! I was frantic. Finally, luckily, I found a very inexpensive dress that looked fabulous (and covered those extra kilos that I couldn't seem to budge). I will add a list to my phone in future and think ahead - thank you!
  14. true
  15. well, sometimes i feel like the shopping experience is to find the destined one. It is just there waitting. whenever i go shopping, i was attracted to certain item immediately but i am afraid that i will miss something better if i am to buy only one. so i continue strolling aound shopping and most of the time i end up with brought the very first item home. it is just that i can not decide quickly and have to exhaust myself by comparing around and find the first one most ideal. Is that the same situation with your guys?