The Art of Shopping - Online Sample Sale - Today!

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    On Your Mark, Get Set, Shop........
    1-Year Anniversary ONLINE SAMPLE SALE starting tomorrow
    «« June 26 »»

    You will only have a few days to get your hands on deeply discounted merchandise at this exclusive online sample sale.
    Just like our regular sample sales, this online sale is only open for a short-period of time, and the most-coveted items will go fast.
    We have re-designed the site and made the check-out process seamless.
    Brands include 7 For All Mankind, Rock & Republic, Drifter, T Luxury, People's Liberation, Joe's Jeans, Monarchy, Ben Sherman, Trunk Ltd, Havaianas, and more.
  2. Is there a link, please?
  3. Anyone know which brands it will be? I am too impatient to wait until noon! LOL
  4. I saw this e-mail yesterday, and I remember mostly denim brands, like 7 for All Mankind.
  5. still waiting... it's already 6pm here - is it noon there yet??
  6. All i wanted was the rock & republic ciggy crops ! The cutest jeans ever!!! I coudln't believe they had them --UTTER ELATION!! but alas in all sizes but mine 25 (they run big! normally a 26) Oh well ! I guess i can pay full price at Saks or hunt on eBay -- boo hoo!!!
  7. great sale, but didn't find anything i like to buy. anyway, thx for posting - it was fun!
  8. thanks! i snagged a pair of citizens
  9. look on eBay, they were overpriced anyways
  10. thanks for posting.
  11. Buyer beware!

    I paid for my Kale bag via paypal - and received an email saying that there was a mistake with the system and my bag was already SOLD OUT!

    I'm waiting to hear about my refund - which I still have not received, nor have I had any communication from this company.

    I also emailed the two addresses listed on their website and my emails were returned????

    I'll update this post as to whether my refund is processed - or whether this is a fraudulent website!!
  12. Oh NO! I've not heard anything from them re: my order...Should we call our CC and dispute? Or what?
  13. I received a UPS tracking number from them for my order - its due to be delivered on Thursday
  14. ^^I hate to burst your bubble (or your auction promotion) - but I received a UPS tracking number too. Then 36 hours later - I received an email telling me that there was a "GLITCH" in the system that allowed me to "purchase" by item and check out (and for them to TAKE my money) - then MUCH LATER they realized that my item was sold out.

    I'm still waiting for my refund. :tdown:

    I'll update to let everyone know if I receive my money or not. Also i've had NO FURTHER COMMUNICATION from this company.

    buyer beward ladies - buyer beware!!