The Art of Shop Online Sample Sale

  1. Came across this by accident...these people are having a live sale in NY..but also an online sale for the rest of us starting Aug. 8th (Wed.). I don't know much..but you can get more info here:
  2. Great info! Thank you! :smile:
  3. Sounds good! I will have to check online August 8th :tup:
  4. Just be careful. I went to one of their denim ones and there's a question of whether the jeans I bought are authentic. I haven't had time to get them checked out, so just be extra careful. I'll post back if I find out anytime soon.
  5. i haven't had any probs w/ authenticity when i buy from them
  6. I've heard mixed reviews on this one
  7. prices aren't always that great that's my only problem w/ it. you can sometimes find the same jeans for less on eBay
  8. They had Kale bags during their last sale. Here's hoping...:smile:
  9. The Store is Currently Closed? ;(
  10. I was about to post the same thing, I wonder if it'll open up today sometime?
  11. It starts at 12 EST.
  12. it starts at 12 ;)
  13. yep nothing will show up till then
  14. open!
  15. It's now open.. I'm not all that impressed, the prices are ok, not by any means amazing. but if you like kale handbags they do have some good deals on those :yes: