The arrested game

  1. I got this one from Myspace.

    Go to and type in "your name was arrested" and hit Google Search. Pick your favorite one and type it here!

    caitlin was arrested for being a threat to Homeland Security

    (It works better if you use your real first name.)
  2. Jessica was arrested working as a prostitute in Florida
  3. Jayne was arrested for domestic violence and disorderly intoxication
  4. Kerri was arrested for forging a prescription.
  5. Joann was arrested after selling a sex toy to undercover cops at one of her tupperware-style passion parties.
  6. [SIZE=-1]Vlad was arrested by Matei Corvin on the pretext of a forged letter that implicated him in a Turkish plot to overthrow the Hungarian king.[/SIZE]
  7. Apparently Christine was arrested twice. The first time Christine was arrested for speeding just outside of Big Timber. The second time Christine was arrested on the Slovakian-Polish border and in Hungary but on both occasions she managed to escape.

  8. Kristina was arrested for public intoxication and possession.
  9. Alana was arrested for outraging public decency.
  10. Lilian was arrested for high treason along with 156 other leading figures, she stood trial until 1961 as one of the accused in the four–year-long Treason Trial.
  11. Steph was arrested in Los Angeles for crashing a car which he hadn't been driving.

  12. Cheryl was arrested for using medicinal marijuana in front of the Congressional office of then-California Congressman James Rogan, who had supported the issue as a state politician, but later renounced it as a member a Congress.
  13. Debra was arrested for multiple counts of sexual battery! :roflmfao:
  14. [SIZE=-1]Anne was arrested again. This time, Sir Anthony Kingston, the Constable of the Tower of London, was ordered to torture Anne in an attempt to force her to ...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Hmmm...I wonder what I was going to be forced to do???

  15. Nancy was arrested for no reason. Lol. I love this excuse!