~~ The Aquarelle Exotic Speedy Club ~~

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  1. Who else has this beautiful Exotic Richard Prince Speedy bag?

    Here's mine...

    ExoticFront.jpg ExoticSide1.jpg
    ExoticSide2.jpg ExoticBack.jpg
  2. i wish i did..... to have it on a shelf.
    as a guy i couldnt pull off the bag, so id just look at it. LOL.

    anyway its fricken beautiful,
    i would love to see the inside.:sweatdrop:
  3. I love your deviant avatar!
    I am very new on how to post pics... I will attempt to take some new ones and try to post soon. Thanks!
  4. Here are some inside pics... and a modeling pic ;):heart:

    ExoticInside1.jpg ExoticInside2.jpg

    ExoticInside3.jpg ExoticInside4.jpg

  5. Love that bag. I'm regretting not getting it. I wonder if it's too late.
  6. I'm in :heart: with that bag!
  7. I just wanted to update and share a pic of my Exotic with my Bandeau and VVN 30...

    Exotic Bandeau front 1.jpg Exotic Bandeau side 1.jpg

    VVn 30 and Exotic and Cat 1.jpg VVN 30 and Exotic front 2.jpg

    VVN 30 and Exotic Side view 1.jpg
  8. may i ask how much it is?
    i can't find the search function >.<
  9. cmonster - np, The Exotic goes for $3750.USD (before tax) The Bandeau, $130.USD
    btw, I love your name!
  10. What a gorgeous bag! I love love love the frame top!
  11. how heavy is this bag?
  12. I don't know how I missed this club and posted mine in the watercolour club instead.

    This is my current favourite bag and I love it! Pics do not do justice, bag IRL is stunning!

    Here is mine:



  13. The bag is not heavy but I tend to stuff my bag with stuff and it does get heavy sometimes! ;)
  14. the bag is not heavy but my handles squeaks and is currently getting fixed argh i miss my bag ... i think they said another week or so and it will be ready ... did anyone else have this problem??
  15. ^^ mine squeaks too but I didn't bother. I think it will squeak less as the bag gets worn. My bf calls it squeaky.