The Apprentice: Los-Angeles

  1. me me me! i will definitely be watching it. i am such a great fan of the show. can't wait!!!
  2. I will. It starts tonight!
  3. Did anyone watch tonight? I don't want to spoil it for anyone but Ivanka and Frank got on my last nerve. Don't know if I can stomach this season............
  4. I'm in! Call me a geek, but this is one of the very few shows I watch on TV.
  5. Yup ! i watched it, poor Martin, Frank wont be around for too long, I really liked Ivanka's red Chanel bag though. I hate the teams sleeping in the tent scenario. :s
  6. How did I miss the Chanel bag?? aaagggggg.

    Was it just me or were there a ton of commercials?

    Yeah, I would hate to be sleeping in the tent. I wonder how the ladies blow dry their hair?
  7. I really enjoyed the Apprentice tonight! I liked all the twists they added. Was nice to change it up a bit.

    Yep, spotted Ivanka's Chanel!! Nice!! Can't wait to watch again next wk. :yes:
  8. Well, it's over w/me and The Apprentice-IMO, each season after the first got worse and worse, we saw less and less contestant personality and interaction, and every single time DT had a scene he was pitching something-the tent idea also makes no sense to me (people who work for Trump don't live in tents, a B motel somewhere would have been sufficient to show the effect of winning vs. not winning). The fact that the idea of the haves and the have-nots is not appealing, either-all these contestants "have" the raw equipment (education, experience) already, if you want to see have-nots (Trump seems to equate that with losers) come to a poor southern state-the first season was about the contest, now it's all about the Trumps, and I choose to be a have-not in terms of them!
  9. You have a very interesting perspective! Very well stated.:yes: I agree, the tent idea is just plain silly. Every time a team loses a challenge, they have to move outside to the tents?! It makes no sense. I find the element of class distinction to be unappealing as well.

    Personally, I don't care for Donald using Ivanka on this show at all. She's stuffy and has zero personality. She tries too hard to be too much like her father. She tries to come off as intimidating but she really looks foolish. Her telling Martin that he would not be a good "fit" in her father's company was a joke! No one liked him from the very beginning of the show, including Donald and they used the way he handled his sales at the car wash as part of their agenda to get rid of him.

    Frank should have gone home last night. He turned out to be a horrible team leader. And did you see the look on his face when Martin got fired? He grinned like a four year old! What MAN does that?!?!
  10. ITA

    Btw, what does everyone think about having the winning pm stay pm until they lose and also being part of the boardroom? I think Heidi has a chance to do quite well. She seems to have not only the intelligence, but also good ole common sense (which several contestants on these shows seem to lack).
  11. It bored me..LOL..I hate FRANK!
  12. Completely agree with you.
  13. Frank definitely should have gone home. They lost the task because his wonderful brain child of idea of making flyers, that he spent an hour getting, as opposed to using signs in the beginning. Then when it came time to use signs, it wasn't even his idea. His sales team (excluding Martin) did a great job of selling the customers once they were in line, but they had no customers in the beginning. If they had they would have easily won the task.
    Heidi definitely seemed to do a great job. She demonstrated leadership skills, flexibility, and good old common sense. We have all been going to car wash for years and know that most car washes get our attention by people standing on the side of the road with signs.
  14. I thought the show was great. LOVED Ivanka's Chanel bag!