The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition - Official Cast List Revealed

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  1. The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition is almost here. I don't blame you if you can't hold in your excitement. Donald Trump's own personal reality franchise returns to NBC this January in The Office's Thursday 9PM time slot, a time slot that The Apprentice inhabited back in its glory days. The celebrity edition is full of vaguely recognizable names, but no one near as famous as the starlets (Lohan, Hilton and Spears) Trump was originally gunning for. It's been reported that NBC received 125 or so applications from celebrities for The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition. If these are the best 14 stars out of those 125, that list couldn't have been pretty. Here is the final, official list of those who will compete on The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition, which takes place in New York City.

    Trace Adkins – A country music singer I have absolutely never heard of.

    Carol Alt – Former big time model, now too old for modeling.

    Stephen Baldwin – Arguably the second best Baldwin brother.

    Nadia Comaneci – Gold medal winning gymnast I have also never heard of.

    Tiffany Fallon – 2005 Playboy Playmate of the Year, no relation to Jimmy

    Jennie Finch – Dominant and hot gold medal winning softball pitcher. Very tall.

    Nely Galan – According to the stories, she is a producer for Telemundo.

    Marilu Henner – The girl from Taxi.

    Lennox Lewis – Heavyweight boxing champion with a comically British accent.

    Piers Morgan – Judge on America's Got Talent, Cowell-esque.

    Omarosa – Former Apprentice contestant, famous for being *****y.

    Tito Ortiz – Former UFC champion, known for his rivalry with Ken Shamrock.

    Vincent Pastore – Big Pussy on The Sopranos.

    Gene Simmons – Kiss lead singer, partner of Shannon Tweed, long tongue.

    It's definitely an intriguing list of people. Their levels of respective fame leave something to be desired, but they are a bunch of characters and it will be pretty damn surreal watching them compete on New York street corners, making fools of themselves on their assigned tasks.


  2. This list of people is strange. Although I think that Gene Simmons' is the most intriguing - is he hurting for the money? He seems to be the most well known...
  3. I say Gene Simmons wins. The man could sell ice to an long as he was getting his percentage. He puts KISS on everything. Just like Donald Trump puts his name on everything.
  4. Gene Simmons has built a KISS empire. He has a cartoon and he came up with "Tooth Tunes" Toothbrushes. No way he's hurting for dough.
  5. Ok, i've not heard of most of them but it sounds interesting. Piers Morgan is such a twat, he was on the one off edition of the UK apprentice (for Comic Relief I think) and he was just completely unbearable, maybe Lennox Lewis will knock him out :yahoo:
  6. Would have been more interesting if they had people like Britney, Paris, Lindsey.....let's see them actually work!!!
  7. I predict a few hook-ups.
  8. i read they were trying to get one of those girls..i guess it didnt work out
  9. thanks for the info!
  10. I can not wait to see Gene Simmons, he is a marketing legend!! Now I am excited to watch him to see how creative he is!!
  11. I'm underwhelmed.
  12. I only know half these "Celebrities". Also how is Omarosa a celeb ?
  13. Omarosa and Gene Simmons.

    That scares me!
  14. OMG I cannot stand Omarosa. YUK!! Nadia was on a former episode I believe with her hubby Bart Conner. Wonder if Jenna Jameson will appear, I believe Tito is her boytoy, right??

    I guess this is Trumps last ditch effort to save his show.
  15. Oh my God - my brain is freezing and my eyeballs are falling out....:wtf: