the appreciation of tokidoki :)

  1. someone commented in a different thread that they got laughed at when someone saw their toki bag.

    i feel sorry for ppl who don't understand or apprecitate the world of tokidoki.

    when i c toki on the streets, i get really excited and happy, cause in my mind they are in the secret club of tokidoki and enjoy all of it's cuteness and glory.

    everyone who knows me knows about my toki obsession and nod their heads in dismay...;)

    i encourage you all to spread the world of toki to the public!!

  2. I really love how my toki bag can make me :smile:. I have so much fun just staring at it and inspecting every single character.

    I often get the comments from friends or family "how much did that bag cost??", "for that bag!" I don't let it phase me because it's what I love and could care less what other people think. I'm sure people look at other bag brands and think "WTH", but we all have our own preference.

    I'm a Proud Toki Owner and apprciate what toki brings to my life! SMILES and HAPPINESS!
  3. adorableness is so underrated. if it makes you smile, it's fabulous. tokidoki is so adorable. if everybody had a tokidoki bag, we could have peace on earth. what's wrong with a little simple, dopey, cute, happiness? it's just so easy.

    i love all sorts of cute plastic things, too. i have way too many little pvc characters, but i love them so much. i love to look at them. you just can't have enough cute things.

    and, relative to the prices of some of the bags on this forum, tokidoki is a total bargain, even at inflated evilbay prices!!!
  4. yeah...there's not many people where I live that carry tokidoki bags, and a lot of the time, I get weird stares or even laughs...but it doesn't bother me, because tokidoki makes me happy and makes me unique as well =D
    my little sister always thought tokidoki was cute, but didn't know why it made me so happy until I got her an inferno dolce...xDD it truly does spread happines~~

    bunniville: definitely! tokidoki is kinda pricey but compared to the other brands in this xDD If I had as many LV bags as I did tokidoki, I'd be so far in debt I'd have to run to another country!
  5. While working with construction workers and engineers, and most of them male, you'd expect that I'd end up the first one laughed at for my taste. The answer, for me, is simple.

    I don't give them the chance to laugh.

    I think some people aren't quite sure what to think, and laughing at it is the best they can come up with. It's stupid and juvenile, like when kids don't know what to think of sex education and so they just giggle about it. They're the ones who are being immature, and in an entirely BAD way. Tokidoki is childish in a GOOD way.

    When somebody notices my Tokidokis, I immediately say, "Aren't they awesome?!" Even some of the gruffest, hariest, and most curmudgeonly can appreciate a cow with a Tommy gun, even if the carriage is in front of the grip. (Take that, coast guard boys who mock the girl in the other post!) Just today, the manager in my office exclaimed, "I love it!" when he saw my Vacanze Stellina.

    Show them how fabulous things like this make you feel and simply ARE, and they'll have no choice but to agree with you. I get props for my colorful zippers and wingtip shoes and earrings made out of levels and Emily the Strange watch, and I won't let it go any other way!

    You can't put a price on how great Tokidokis are or how they can make even my 62-year-old mother feel. Rock on!
  6. This is so true. I guess because I'm on the younger side than many here, people don't give me as much crap about it, but even my friends are just like, "Uhh... it's cute but it's not worth it." For me, it is. It's amazing what my bag does: i can just look at it and smile. Bad day? tokidoki!

    The way I see it, people who make fun of it just haven't found something (materially, i mean collecting/hobbies and etc...) or maybe immaterially (like love, friendship, success, etc...) that they can be passionate about. For me, tokidoki is just one of many things that make me smile, and whenever I see someone else who shares my opinion of it, we become instant friends. Why not have anime-inspired characters on a bag? So what if some think it's loud? Sometimes I see girls on the street with their LV or Coach or w/e (i dunno if it's fake or not), but they'll give me this, "Oh man, look at the immature girl with cartoon characters look." The way I see it, BECAUSE addiction to it seems pretty selective, I'd say that WE'RE the original ones, and anyone who can rock these bags is probably pretty outgoing, fun, and just plain amazing. That's how these bags make ME feel.:party:
  7. I feel I stand out with my tokidoki in a crowd of Roxy and Billabong girls.

    Some of my friends didn't like tokidoki at first, but I drew them in by appealing to their style. One friend likes black, so I showed her the tutti and AS print to draw her in. Another likes to skateboard, she really wants a tokidoki skate deck after I showed her one online.
  8. People have been laughing at my cute cartoony clothing and accessories for so long I don't remember when it all began. One day I had ice cream with my snooty friend who's constantly trying to lure me over to the dark adult leather bag side (i.e. LV, Fendi, Tod's, etc) noticed my Inferno Ciao and instantly fell in love with it. We went shopping right after ice cream, and she bought a Foresta Nuvola, an Inferno Bocce, a Paradiso Mama Mia, and couple months later went shopping with me again to buy Pirata Gioco! She's also bought a few Tokidoki tees and iskins, I didn't realize till then Toki stuff could be so contagious!