The apple of my heart is here!

  1. Last night I stopped in at LV Union Square to try on the Noe, since I was interested in maybe getting the Damier Azur version. I found that it really seemed too big for me, but I waitlisted anyway, just in case I feel different trying it on in Azur.

    MEANWHILE, I fell in love with this baby... I own no other Vernis pieces, but this true red is beautiful. I don't need a new wallet, nor did I want a new cles, but hey! A gorgeous little evening bag for Valentine's Day? :heart: :heart: Sure!!

    I got the extender too, and here my new Lexington Pochette poses with my red nano :


  2. That's hot.
  3. That's such a pretty color. Congrats!
  4. Yeah for you Congrats... very pretty
  5. Jane - that's beautiful! Be sure to take it out for Valentines day. There should be a whole horde of us with our Pomme goodies on V-day :nuts:

    Won't that be funny - the red LV army of LOVE!
  6. Aww.. congrats ! How darling the lexington in pomme ! :yes:
  7. That looks amazing. Wonderful.
  8. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM it looks so good with that pale leather!!
  9. congrats!
  10. COngrats..! Nice pomme :heart:
  11. pretty!!! congrats!!!
  12. Wow Jane, that looks amazing!
  13. Beautiful!
  14. Saw this the other day and came soooo close to buying was amazing!!
  15. Look so nice with your iPod neno