the Antigua Club!!!

  1. Guys, I cant belive we dont have an Antigua Club yet! Well, now, we DO!! Post pcis of your amazing antiguas!! :wlae: :yahoo: :wlae:
  2. Here is my Antigua Cabas MM in blue! :biggrin:

  3. lookin good!! that coeur on that bag is TDF!
  4. there is a slight chance i may be a member!
    question for anotheremptysky:
    can cabas mm hold school books?
  5. comw on guys!! i know you want to post here :graucho: ...............LOL!!
  6. Count Me in
    222 292.jpg Picture 005.jpg
  7. yay! now we have 2 members!! come on guys!! i know more pfers have antiguas!!
  8. What great bags!
    I love Antigua. I want a MM tote.
  9. it depends on how big! I can hold smaller textbooks inside, probably not too many hardback ones though.
  10. Thanks for sharing FashionMike. Hope I can join real soon! I'm looking for a Rose or Blue Plate, maybe.
  11. well well well, i thought I should revive the Antiua Club a little. Since Antigua is my first (and Only! :crybaby:) LV so far I thought I should brag about it! It's a lovely (albeit giant!) and very underretared bag!
    white antigua giant.jpg
  12. I love the antigua.
  13. OMG, its so cute Mozzarella!! :tender: :love:
  14. Count me in
    Cabas PM Ecru
    Antigua & Denim.jpg
  15. ^^ Awesome!