the ~*~ ANTHROPOLOGIE ~*~ thread!

  1. I am becoming quite addicted. . .
    I find really great classic, staple pieces that have cool updated twists and details to them!
    I go probably every 2 weeks to see the new stuff and can't leave w/o 1-3 pieces :s

    I'll post my few most recent pieces, please add links/pics to items you love!
    I love to see what others are diggin'!:yahoo:
  2. I used to work for Anthro and while I have enough printed skirts to clothe a small country (and I probably have, I did a big charity clean-out)... I still pop in for their sales.

    In my experience, the house brand knits don't hold up as well... but they carry lots of outside vendors as well, and they are can be bought for a steal when they become marked down. The usual first mark down is around 50%.

    The last thing I bought from Anthro were a pair of booties off their website. They are the Framework Booties by Schuler & Sons. Amazing quality and I am so happy I bought them. The shoes can be hit-or-miss, but fortunately you aren't really out anything if you order them and they don't work. The stores will still take online returns even if they don't normally carry the item.
  3. I am also addicted! Do you go to the Northpark store? Its always so busy there. I have a *secret* one that I like going to. They always have tons of stock.

    I bought these things last week:


    And bought this a few weeks ago and love it so much!

    askew.jpg low key.jpg sheer.jpg sun siren.jpg
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    OMG Swanky, that is so weird you posted this because I am LOVING Anthro these days! I've even been scoping eBay for some older pieces, because they are just soooo pretty. Can't wait to see what everyone is getting ;) (also love UO, but have to be careful.....some of their stuff is too "young" for me)
  5. Gem! I bought that grey top on sale yesterday!!! getting it out of the bag today is what made me want to start this thread!
    I shop at the SLake store usually, how about you?:graucho:

    Here's some of my most recent purchases:
    923369_001_b.jpg 910185_004_b.jpg 933185_041_b.jpg 933078_020_b.jpg 910116_pur_b.jpg
  6. and this from the summer:
  7. Which ones are their house brands? I can't tell among the tops that I own. I do notice that some of them pill.:tdown:
  8. Love your purchases Swanky!
  9. I just bought 4 tops from there and a pair of jeans while I was in Chicago..I will take some pics :smile:
  10. Oooooh, I wanna see!

    I also LOVE their metal hair clips, LOVE them!
  11. Swanky! There is a southlake store?!?!?! I need to go there. I shop at the Willowbend store most of the time.

    Also you bought the cardi I've been stalking. I dont think its at my store yet. Tell me all about it, is it TTS?

  12. Let's see what I have in my saved pics...none of my Anthro clothes were actually purchased there, but instead were bought second-hand. The dress is by Harkham and the sweater I can't remember....but it is an Anthro brand. Just realized that the sweater pic sucks!!! So sorry...
    harkham.jpg new photo 004.jpg
  13. yes and the SL store is fab IMO! Bright so I can actually see and pretty big. It's right next to Apple and a MetroPark is opening 2 doors down one direction and Rock & Revolt 2 doors the other way :biggrin:
    I shop @ WB when I go to that mall! In fact, I'll likely go this Thurs or Fri!

    I LOVE that sweater. Let me go see what size I got, brb. . .
  14. Sorry I had to cut and paste :sad: but these are the tops I bought...since its hot year year round...Im always excited to find things even in the fall season!