The anniversary pearls are HERE!!! Akoya & south sea

  1. My anniversary pearls from my boyfriend arrived today!! Before handing them over to him to keep until our actual anniversary in December, I managed to sneak a few pics in. I am keeping the ring, but the studs and the bracelet are in his possession right now. (These are actually not from PearlsOnly, rather, from a jeweller in Hong Kong)

    Here is the entire annivesary set:

    First piece, 8 mm Japanese Akoya pearl bracelet, AA+ grade, white with silver overtones (although it looks more rosé to me IRL) and 18K white gold clasp. Each pearl is almost perfectly round and they are matched extremely well.
    I am AMAZED at this piece...the pearls are SO SO SO lustrous. Simply gorgeous!


    Next, 8 mm Japanese Akoya pearl stud earrings, AAA grade, white with silver overtones and 14K white gold back. These are, for some reason, slightly less lustrous than the pearls in my bracelet although the grade is higher than the bracelet pearls. Regardless, these are beautiful and show up quite nicely on my ears.


    10 mm South Sea Pearl, mounted on white gold plated 925 silver ring. I loveee this ring. Although it's still part of the anniversary gift, my boyfriend has agreed to let me keep this piece for now. The simple setting really shows up the enormous pearl, and I FINALLY fulfilled my dream of owning a South Sea Pearl one day!


    And these are free freshwater earrings that came with my order...unfortunately one pearl came out of the earring post so I need to super glue it back in tomorrow :p No biggie if I can't fix it though, I will have 3 pairs of white pearl studs very soon (I have a pair of 12 mm South Sea studs on order)


    More pics...
    loot.jpg bracelet.jpg earrings.jpg ring.jpg free.jpg
  2. And just a pic to show the amazing lustre of the pearls...for the price I paid, the lustre is not bad at all and in fact very, very good:


    Modeling pic (against the wishes of the DBF for me to NOT wear the bracelet before our annivesary :p) It actually feels quite heavy!

    Akoya studs, love this size:

    South Sea ring, as you can see it's quite substantial/noticeable and probably the largest ring I own:


    Thanks for letting me share!
    braceletva1.jpg braceletva2.jpg earringsva1.jpg ringva1.jpg ringva2.jpg
  3. Beautiful, just beautiful, Karman!

    Happy (early) Anniversary to you and your generous boyfriend! Thanks for the eye candy! I can now go to sleep happy! :yahoo::heart::yes:
  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! :heart:

    Love all of the pieces. Happy Anniv. to you and your boyfriend :biggrin:
  5. happy early anniversary! i got really into pearls right around/before my 21st bday so my bf got me tahitian black pearl bracelet, gorgeous!

    for the price, i was ready to kill him, but i noticed pearls are very underestimated. like my booklet said, diamonds are a girls best friend, but pearls are her soulmate ;)

    enjoy em girl!

    i'll have to wait awhile till i get a matching necklace, he said maybe 30th bday, since its like $5'gs lol, here's thinking south sea pearls but those are wayyy too much, plus won't match lol.
  6. What a pretty set of pearls!
    I can only imagine how they will look on you at your anniversary dinner!
  7. Happy Anniversary and love the pearls.
  8. beautiful!
    timeless collection
  9. That is a gorgeous set of Pearls! Enjoy, and wear in good health!
  10. Oh yes, I think that ring is gorgeous! Congratulations :yahoo:
  11. that ring is gorgeous! congrats!
  12. Simply wonderful!! Congrats on the anniversary! :heart:
  13. I love the simplicity of the ring!
  14. Very gorgeous collection!!
  15. Beautiful! I love the bracelet