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  1. The trial for who gets ANS's body started today in Florida and is being broadcast live via internet and through various news channels.

    If you want to watch it live and online, click here:

    Court Hearing On Anna Nicole Smith's Body

    Currently, they are on break until 2:30pm eastern time.


    I think this trial is absolutely ridiculous. Personally, I think the body should go to HKS so that Anna can be burried by her son, the person who she loved more than anything in the world. I find it completely disgusting that Vergie is even attempting to claim the body of her daughter. Although ANS (Vickie) was her daughter, her daughter HATED her and stated her as being her "biological mother" but not her mother. Vergie just wants her daughter so she is 1 step closer ANS's baby that is loaded with cash.

    What do you all think?
  2. wow.... wow... wow... I think it's sick that they even need to do this.
  3. I see your point about ANS mom, but i think you also have to take into account that the reason why ANS didnt like her mom was because her mom didnt want her taking the wrong path (different people, not just her mom, have said this.)I personally think that although Vergie and ANS had their falling out she is still her mom and she still grieves for her child. Just like everyone felt horrible when ANS lost her son the same is now for her mother. She just lost the child she will never get to reconnect with. That's just my opinion though.
  4. I think she should be buried with her son. It is what she would of wanted.
  5. They're all acting like a bunch of vultures. It's disgusting.

    They should just let her rest in peace with her son. She bought a plot so she could be next to her son. I'm sure they have documentation for that somewhere.

    And the three guys arguing over a baby . . . . especially two of them are acting like children. I think someone should step in and, like children, say, "You two are fighting over this two much so I'm going to take it away so neither of you can have it."
  6. I thought Anna Nicold hated her mother because there was an abusive relationship (by her mother)? Not sure if this is just rumor or factual though. I just remember seeing an interview with ANS on ET where ANS said that her mom hit her etc. It just sad, regardless of why she hated her mother- her mother should respect that her daughter wanted to be buried next to her deceased son. It is just common sense.
  7. just bury the poor woman with her son! what the hell is wrong with her mother?! and like my mom told me: her mother doesn't look like she's in any pain over the loss of her daughter. she doesn't look like a mother who's child just died.

    her mom is the vulture.
  8. I guess funerals either bring out the best or the worst in people.

    At my mom's cousin's funeral, we all drank a toast of Irish whiskey to her.

    It's a shame that the 'worst' funerals usally involve celebrities.

    Not all of them are like that, though.

    I remember when MTV was covering Biggie Smalls's funeral. After the service, his hearse drove through the streets of New York. En route, someone started playing Hypnotize really loudly out the window. Other people started cheering and joining in and it seemed like such an appropriate thing.
  9. Okay, in this thread, we are not talking about her trial or the many MANY arguments that are going on about her baby, her body or her will. This is a thread to pay your respects to Anna Nicole Smith.

    Nobody in her family is doing that for her right now, and they should be ashamed of themselves!

    So if her own family won't do it, I thought maybe we could do it!
  10. My favorite pictures of her were the ones where she looked so much like Marilyn Monroe.




  11. Stern: Anna Didn't Want to Be Worm Food

    Posted Feb 20th 2007 12:32PM by TMZ Staff
    Filed under: Anna Nicole Smith
    [​IMG]Howard K. Stern just told the court that Anna Nicole wanted him to look into how secure cemetery ground plots were in the Bahamas because she and son Daniel were "afraid of bugs" and their getting into Daniel's coffin -- and one that she might have occupied.

    There were no mausoleums available at the Lake View cemetery in Nassau for more than two people, explained Stern, so Anna Nicole directed him to look into ground plots that would hold more people. Stern repeatedly said that Anna Nicole talked about "where we would be buried."

    Stern also said that Daniel didn't wear a suit in his coffin, and that Anna Nicole "wanted to crawl" into the coffin with Daniel at his funeral.

    The court is in recess for lunch until 2:30 EST.
  12. In light of what has happened to her and her life, we dont need multiple threads.

    People will discuss and share whether its about her trial or in memory.

    This threads will be merged and any others that pop up.
  13. I think it is money, especially large amounts of money, that brings out the best or the worst in people, and sadly, Team Worst appears to be the uncontested champion.

    We have no way of knowing in whom it may be bringing out the best, since "best" in this case, would not include media involvement, but it is my hope that for the sake of those people that the immediate issue of her final resting place can be resolved so that memorial services can take place for the benefit of that unknown Team Best, as well as those who were sincerely her fans, and all those who have had or have come to have compassion for her as a human being.
  14. Amen jag!! I couldn't have said it better myself.
  15. I also think the whole thing is very disturbing and quite sad.

    Even though my beliefs are maybe different than most (I think once your soul leaves the body..its just an empty shell....therefore..once in really could care less where they put you)...If she's voiced and also purchased ajoining plots with her son..its quite obvious what her wishes were.

    Let the poor woman be...let her finally rest in peace. I just feel so bad for her baby....years from now..she will see all this and how traumatic it will be..:crybaby:
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