The Angst of Leaving Negative Feedback

  1. I hate leaving negative feedback! You know what is going to happen when you do it - you will receive negative feedback in return. I just left negative feedback for someone who sold me a fake Balenciaga. I was able to get a refund - she argued with me a bit, but finally agreed to refund my money. I explained to her what was wrong with the Bbag. She told me that she had purchased from another eBay seller, and she believed that the handbag was real. I decided not to leave any feedback at all - that happens all the time on eBay - people unwittingly buy counterfeit goods. Today she relisted the handbag. I left negative feedback for her - this time when she relisted, she knows that it is counterfeit. It makes me feel sick to my stomach knowing that I am about to receive a negative. :throwup: Even after all this time buying and selling on eBay. :sad:
  2. Was it the red First? I noticed some people had said it was fake and it's up again.
  3. Yes, that's the one.
  4. I know how you feel! But at least after she leaves you a negative response you can add a rebuttal, right? And you may deter another eBayer from buying from this seller. It's the right thing to do!
  5. Thanks madamefifi - it is the right thing to do. And you are right - in the rebuttal section, I can add the auction number so that people can refer back to the auction. I still feel sad and unsettled though. I don't know why I am letting this affect me so much.:sad:
  6. It was the right thing to do. If she leaves you negative just followup that the bag was fake & then other's should realize you didn't really deserve that negative :smile:
  7. oh i know its not nice to think that you will receive negative back. You have definately done the right thing as it will hopefully put other people off!!! I am in the same situation i did a bin on a fake bag but didnt pay. i think she genuinely thought it was real but if she relists i will be forced to leave negative too!!!!!!
  8. Yes, I *always* read the follow ups to see if it was obviously retaliatory feedback - and if so, I disregard it. You did the right thing, and I would've done the same.
  9. lovelygarments, I don't think you are overreacting. Everyone lives in fear of a negative ebay feedback!

    That having been said, even if you end up with one negative feedback, I think you should think of yourself as a crusader! You are helping all of those other potential buyers from making a terrible mistake.

    Just stay true to what you believe you should do. You will have good karma because of it. :yes:
  10. i just left my first ever negative fb too on ebay, the seller lied to me about delivering the mini coin purse i got on ebay. i paid on early feb like 5th or 6th and paid the next day.
    the seller said she shipped the bag right away and when it's not here until the end of feb, i emailed her and she said it can took like a month to have it delivered from UK! :wtf: i've had bags shipped from UK before. and when it finally arrived at march 13th, i see on the package it was shipped on march 1st :wtf:
    and it's soo dirty.
    i'm too tired to argue about returning, and i'm going to use it for my cigs anyway, so i don't ask for return but i left neg fb right away saying what date i paid and what date it's delivered to me.
    she didn't dare to leave me any neg fb!
  11. you know you can 'reply' to feedback, right? so if she leaves you a neg, you 'reply' and it goes on a line under her feedback. like a defense statemetn, incase anyone looks into your neg. it shows up right under the feedback left in your feedback page!
  12. Thank you for doing the right thing. Too many people don't leave negative feedback when deserved and innocent people are being robbed.

    I wouldn't worry too much on one negative, Just make sure you respond to it.

    You should feel good about your decision.
  13. UGHHH I Am torn! I want to leave Neg. fdbk for this buyer who backed out on the Chloe auction I had b/c she is being super uncooperative but I KNOW she will leave it back for me. I don't think it even makes sense for me to leave NF- her feedback is PRIVATE! no sense getting one myself if no one else can see hers!
  14. MRG- everytime I see your posts, your list of bags makes me weep! I want that many too!:cutesy:

  15. Lovelygarments, you sound very much like me.

    I hate conflict/upset, and for some odd reason, I always think about the consequences on the other person, even if it is to my loss. To the extreme I will give people the benefit of the doubt.

    The really bad part about this situation though, makes me think that the person isn't quite as considerate as you, and even when flagged up it is fake, she is relisting and trying to re-sell.

    Under those circumstances, I wouldn't bother with any feedback, I would report the listing, and let EBay deal with it.