the Angelina and Brad Pitt thread!

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  1. verah true
  2. I'm going to plead the 5th rather than get in heated debate over Angelina whom I do not know or care enough about to debate over.:p;)
  3. Yep... Both are highly paid, so it works for them.
  4. She did movies that are so different from one another, IMO

    In Changeling+ A Mighty Heart+ Beyond Borders+ Original Sin+The Bone Collector she showed a very fragile, emotional Angie.

    She is by nature kind of tough, but when she speaks on the ONU videos she'll all emotion.

    Could she play, legally blonde, like Reese ? Perhaps. But I doubt she wants to play the "dumb" girly girl act.... but who knows?
  5. AJ did the tourist. It was a romantic comedy. she just played the ice queen. Mister and mister sweet is also a Rom-com

    And she did cyborg as one of her first films ever, which was in the scary realm, but she - again - was a robot so she never showed much emotion ....

  6. Agreeing to disagree :biggrin:
    I didn't find either to be a genre specific rom-com.
  7. Angelina Jolie: 'Maleficent' Set in England!

    Source: JustJared





    Last one

  8. Which one was this?
  9. Angie's jewelry in the Tourist was the best part of the movie for me. It was gorgeous.
  10. I personally love that she does humanitarian work... She's not the bubbly girly girl type, but I like that a lot.. I can relate to that

  11. Me too!! I admire her.
  12. ^ dito...
  13. that must of been my lack of sleep and sheer exhaustion movie. ;)

    I came here to unwind, which means I am usually tired as hell and I end up making no sense 99.9% of the time.

    I meant, mr&mrs Smith .... what the hell I wrote that I have no idea :biggrin:
  14. ^Hehe! She looks horrible as a blonde...