the Angelina and Brad Pitt thread!

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  1. Continued from here.
  2. Thanks Swanky - I had just hit "send" on my post proclaiming my love for Angelina for the 10000th time when the thread closed lol
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  3. :lol:
  4. I realized the other day that Brad speaks with the same accent in all of his movies.
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  5. :lol:^^^
    I saw the old thread was locked and I couldn't find the new one! :P
    Pax got his own BB.
    About the Beiber thing, I think he just came out of the blue when she was posing for pics.
  6. Quick, somebody post a pic to start off the new thread right.
  7. ^Awww they seem so much in love, bless them
  8. Awww :love: is in the air
  9. He sure loves him some Ange tooshy doesn't he?