The Anatomical Reason Why Women MUST Wear Stilettos

  1. Found this article on the net - Please tell us what you think - agree or disagree? For me it seems to make a lot of sense.

    The Anatomical Reason Why Women MUST Wear Stilettos

    According to the history books, the stiletto heel was "invented" by Italian shoemakers in the 1950s, led by Salvatore Ferragamo. Roger Vivier has been credited with "creating" in Paris the prototype for the stiletto in the early 1950s to complement Dior designs.

    But in fact the stiletto heel was neither "invented" nor "created" by either of these fine gentlemen but merely "discovered". I can now reveal that, as this exhibit of Lucy, a 3 million-year old female hominid, clearly shows (even though most of her foot, the poor dear, is missing) the stiletto heel was in prehistoric times an integral part of the female skeleton:

    Look at the photo I added -

    Incidentally, perhaps it is not a coincidence that I took this photo in Italy – in the Milan Museum of Natural History to be exact. Does this mean that this particularly elegant specimen from the species Australopithecus afarensis was unearthed from beneath the streets of the Italian capital of fashion, rather than in Ethiopia?

    I digress. Whatever the reason for the disappearance of this natural appendage from the female form (perhaps the subject of a future article), women can now return to their former state of elevation and elegance thanks to that artificial add-on, the manufactured stiletto heel.

    Wearing one of these beautifully shaped stiletto heel, perfectly positioned in line with the Achilles tendon (as was Lucy's) we women can now once again achieve our elegant, natural, bipedal stance and walk tall.
    Lucy in Milan04044.jpg
  2. We lost our natural stiletto heel bone because the darn heel kept breaking!!! Or early specimens with the heel were slipping off rock cliffs....

    Just kidding :yes: It's an interesting article! If only there weren't so much "scientific" research that wearing heels is so bad for our spine's alignment. But I'm a shoe addict, I know how bad it is for me through anatomy classes, but I'll never give them up! NEVER!!!! :roflmfao:
  3. Yeah right.
  4. I learned in chemistry class that wearing stilettos puts 80x the pressure on our heels than does sneakers. That adds a reason why men must be careful to not offend the lady he's next to, especially if she's in stilettos ;)
  5. Very intersting! I will never stop wearing heels, its my thing.
  6. Eh?:confused1: Whatever!:rolleyes:
  7. Looking at the photo, I think the "stilettos" are just what the skeleton is mounted to, not part of the skeleton. Besides that, making an evolutionary argument from an extinct species doesn't make too much sense. If the ape-like Australopithecus really had spikes like that, it's no wonder they died out.

    Edit: I added a photo of an Australopithecus footprint. No spikes. If you look closely at the photo from the article, you can see it looks like metal bars rather than bones. All of the scientific reconstructions I came across show a flat-footed creature. I think the author of the article was either being humorous or dim.
  8. The article is tongue-in-cheek......surely.
  9. The article is a joke; the skeleton is incomplete.
  10. LOL Thanks for posting that. I needed a good cardio-vascular benefit laughing spree today!

    And thanks to those who had the gentle kindness to point out that it is intended to be humorous for those to whom that was not immediately apparent.
  11. umm, okay
  12. we are studying lucy and australopithicenes in anthropology right now! too funny!
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