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  1. This is my cat, Willie. (His brother Louis is the subject of the specific breeds thread).

    When we adopted them, they were with their specific littermate. My mom says as soon as they were in the carrier, they curled up together and fell asleep.

    Here they are together as babies:


    This is Willie as a baby:



    Here he is hanging out in my parents' bathroom. He loves that basket.
    (He also loves drinking from the bathtub faucet.)

  2. [​IMG]

    This is him at Christmas:


  3. I can't stand it! They're adorable!:love:
  4. They are so cute!

    How big is Willie? He looks huge! Well, at least compared to my 2 tiny cats, who each weigh ariund 7 pound......
  5. I think he's about 12 pounds now. He does look huge but that's all muscle. And the vet isn't worried unless he gains a lot of weight in a short amount of time.

    Also, if you look at him from a bird's eye view, he doesn't look like this )( or this () he looks like this: ||.
  6. That's not a bad weight for a cat. As I said, mine are tiny. When I was younger I had one that was 18 pounds - pure muscle. My vet always said how big he was, but that he was not over weight.

    I think both your cats are adorable! But what cat isn't????