The amazing tree climbing dachshund..yep..pic

  1. OK, here is my doxie, Millie, who is in pursuit of some critter. She was about 6 feet up this tree when I saw her, snapped the pic, and grabbed her before she took a fall.
  2. :lol: That's pretty amazing too, especially with those little legs!
  3. That's one of the funniest things I've seen. How did she manage that :confused1: ?

    Our neighbor had a very old doxie, Hildy, who wanted to bark at everyone who went by, but she was so slow! Everyone would stop long enough for Hildy to "run" to the sidewalk and bark at us. That's all she did-bark. It was so funny. I love that breed. They are such characters.
  4. OMG So cute!!!
  5. Adorable.
  6. Cutest thing ever!!!!
  7. How on earth did she manage that? I have three dogs (much bigger) and they'd like to know Millie's secret! :yes:
  8. She won't tell. She just scampered up there like a cat!:yes:
  9. OMG!!! That is adorable! Your babies have mine beat- my dapple climbs on top of the coffee table, and my red & black/cream go as high as the bed.

    How old is Millie? And what is the reds name?
  10. wow! that's amazing...i didn't think doxie's could climb trees! hehe
  11. TOO PRECIOUS!!!!!! Makes me wanta go give my own lil precious one a squeeze!!!!
  12. *giggles* its half kitty !

    That's so cute:cutesy:
  13. oh my god... cute!!!
  14. :lol:
  15. Cute pic.