The Amazing Spiderman

  1. just watched it on Imax today and LOVING it!!!
    i love andrew garfield as spiderman, i like tobey maguire but marc webb and andrew garfield makes spiderman looks more fun and adorable
    emma stone is cute as a button as well

    it's such a refreshing from tobey maguire & kirsten dunst duo
  2. i saw it yesterday and while it was a good movie, i can't stop thinking about tobey maguire/kirsten dunst. they has such great chemistry and made it believable. i didn't feel that connection with the two new characters. i also didn't really like the humor in the storyline, especially the scene when he stopped the carjacker, i also sisn't like how emma stone's character found out pretty much right away that he was spiderman. they should have waited until the sequel.
  3. Thanks for starting this thread! Love, love Marvel (obviously) and Spidey! Really like Andrew Garfield as Spider-man and Emma Stone. While Tobey and Kirsten were fine for a while, I do believe that Andrew's looks are truer to the comic feel and tone of a young Spidey. Hope everyone loves the movie!
  4. See we all thought Andrew put Tobey to shame. We loved it
  5. Loved it! Why such a short thread :p?
  6. We just saw the movie a few hours ago. While we enjoyed it, we like the other movies better. I do have to agree that Andrew makes a MUCH better Spiderman than Tobey!
  7. I really liked it, I agree I loved Andrew Garfield as spiderman. I totally didn't know he is British in real life!

    I love the movie and I'm way shipping this ship .
  9. It was good.. but I don't see ANdrew Garfield as Spiderman. HE is too cool. Peter Parker was a nerdy type.