The Amazing Race 18: Unfinished Business


I Miss The 80s & 90s
Dec 4, 2007
I'm just reposting the line-up according to reliable sources. I do wonder why no one is representing Season 13 though?

According to airport sightings (and eagle-eyed residents of Sydney, Australia, where teams were observed racing and checking in with Keoghan on Monday), the following pairs will appear on the new all-stars edition:

• Kynt and Vyxsin (12)
• Ron and Christina (12)
• Amanda and Kris (14)
• Kisha and Jen (14)
• Jaime and Cara (14)
• Margie and Luke (14)
• Mel and Mike (14)
• Flight Time and Big Easy (15)
• Zev and Justin (15)
• Jet and Cord (16)
• Gary and Mallory (17)


I'm pretty happy with this All Stars line-up overall. Also yay that TAR is finally going to be in HD!

Kynt & Vyxsin, Ron & Christina, Jet & Cord and Gary & Mallory FTW! I also like the Globetrotters. :happydance:


I Miss The 80s & 90s
Dec 4, 2007
thank you babypie - I missed this clip because of the football game.

I'm looking forward to seeing the next season!
Just as an FYI, the video babypie posted is a fan-made clip as they're still filming. The contestant line-up hasn't been officially announced yet too.

TAR aired a cool teaser last night (see below) but the line-up that I posted is pretty accurate and reliable.

Glad that the cowboys made a real appearance in the promo though! :nuts:


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City

Cowboys! Playmates! Globetrotters! Amazing Race All-Stars Return for "Unfinished Business"

Despite its somewhat ominous and Soprano-channeling name, none of the contestants on the upcoming season of the Emmy-collecting Amazing Race: Unfinished Business will wake up with a horse head in their bed (uh, we don't think).

So what gives with the scary name? Well…

Simple. All 11 of the fan favorite teams—cowboys, Harlem Globetrotters, Playmates and NFL cheerleaders—are returning to battle it out at the grand prize they missed the first time around. Not so chilling after all!

As always, Phil Keoghan will serve as ringleader for the 40,000-mile globetrot, which sees the two-person teams traverse five continents and 23 cities in total, with Sydney (shark swimming!), Tokyo (freezing water!) and even Liechtenstein (um…measuring the length of the country while on a motorized bicycle!) among the locations and challenges they'll be forced to endure.

So this time around, the contestants would be wise to not take that extra restroom stop, "shortcut" detour, U-turn or cab ride that cost them so dearly the first time around. And one or two of them may want to look into getting one of those Velcro body straps for their passports. Just sayin'.

The new season kicks off Feb. 20. Here are the teams:

• Gary Ervin, 53, owner of construction company; Mallory Ervin, 25, entertainer (father/daughter)
Finished in sixth place during the 17th season after getting lost in Oman for nine hours.

• LaKisha Hoffman, 30, basketball coach; Jennifer Hoffman, 26, assistant volleyball coach at University of Louisville (sisters)
Finished in fourth place during the 14th season after missing out on a spot in the final by just three minutes after stopping to use a restroom in China.

• Jet McCoy, 31, cowboy; Cord McCoy, 30, cowboy (brothers)
Finished in second place during the 16th season after falling behind in the final leg of their race and ultimately failing to recover.

• Amanda Blackledge, 25, Laurus College admissions officer; Kris Klicka, 26, insurance agent (engaged)
Finished in eighth place during the 14th season after they were unexpectedly U-turned in Siberia by a competing team.

• Jaime Edmondson, 31, Playboy Playmate; Cara Rosenthal, 28, government relations consultant/law student (former NFL cheerleaders/teammates)
Finished in second place during 14th season after calling victim to a bad taxi driver in Hawaii and missing out on the top spot.

• Herb Lang, 34, Harlem Globetrotters player; Nate Lofton, 29, Harlem Globetrotters player (teammates)
Finished in fourth place during the 15th season after incurring a four-hour penalty in Prague for failing to complete a Roadblock.

• Ron Hsu, 61, company vice president; Christina Hsu, consultant (father/daughter)
Finished in second place during the 12th season after struggling during their final Alaskan leg.

• Kent Kaliber, 35, print and runway model; Vyxsin Fiala, 32, print and runway model (dating/friends)
Finished in fifth place during the 12th season after self-destructing in Italy.

• Zev Glassenberg, 28, actor; Justin Kanew, 31, film producer (best friends)
Finished in ninth place during the 15th season after losing their passports in Cambodia, rendering them unable to finish the race.

• Margie Adams, 53, RN, BSN, clinical research associate; Luke Adams, 25, motivational speaker (mother/son)
Finished in third place during the 14th season after losing the substantial lead they had going into the final challenge.

• Mel White, 70, writer and activist; Mike White, 40, screenwriter (father/son)
Finished in sixth place during the 14th season after getting lost in Thailand due to a bad taxi driver.



Sep 13, 2008
Ugghh. Cara and Co are just so annoying and rude I don't know why they came back.


I Miss The 80s & 90s
Dec 4, 2007
I knew that the contestant list that I posted a few weeks ago was correct so yay that CBS confirmed it!

It's about a month away now so I'm super excited even though I could live without a team or two in the race...